AuthorTopic: check if you can register for level II
@2005-07-26 13:29:18
Scores are out!!! Not official but allows you to register for next level if you passed!
@2005-07-26 14:45:59
i wish i can, i couldn't make it this time :S. can someone estimate what was the passing score? i did 50-70% in all parts and over 70% for economics. but i failed Ethics!!, alternative investmtments and deravitives (which count for only 12%). i wanna know if its only the ethics part, or the others as well that i need to work on..
@2005-07-26 17:01:09
Whew....I made it!!
I scored over 70% on 4 categories, 51-70 on 4 and failed Port Mgt, but made it through.
From what I have heard in the past it is almost impossible to pass the exam if you fail ethics.
CFA Institute hold such a high regard for that area you really have to do well in it.
I'd say do what you did this time to study, just hit the ethics harder and you will make it.
Best of luck.
@2005-07-26 17:49:04
I am stoked to have passed. Scored above 70 for 6 out 9 sections. The rest are 51-70. With all the waiting i was beginnig to think that i would be looking at a repeat.

Congratulations to all who passed and best of luck to those who did not manage it this time around - hope you wax it next time. i can worrie about level 2... ~:/
@2005-07-28 01:59:38
Now I am a level 2 candidate ... just bought analystnotes' membership for level 2 ... hope it's helpful as it was for level 1. Anyway, many thanks to the analystnotes team!

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