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@2010-09-25 08:04:06
anyone heard about CIIA??? i.e. Certified International Investment Analyst..... any comment on this??? I just thought that some people create this to mimic the success of CFA.....I really want to hear from someone who has taken this exam to share his view.....
@2010-12-20 17:55:27
CIIA is only qualified for charter members of 11 local security associations (CFAI is not included among 11 associations) so that you have to pass one of the local exams first. If your job field is in the U.S., CFA is the BEST selection. Actually, I'm a CIIA holder and CFA 2 candidate. My impression of CIIA is that it only tells you that you're familiar with one of the local area,such as, France, German, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, Japan,,,,,,,etc
@2010-12-25 16:29:25

Are the questions only numerical or it contains some theoretical descriptive questions as well. I have enrolled recently. Hence this query.


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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!