AuthorTopic: Citing CFA candidacy on a resume
@2013-07-13 23:12:35
Question for you guys, how have you cited your candidacy on your resume? I am considering putting "CFA Candidate Expected completion June 11" on mine.
@2013-03-22 20:34:29
rmb not to state when is your expected completion as that is in violation of CFA's code of ethics
@2013-08-05 13:18:47
CFA LEVEL I CANDINDATE, December 2010. Font 48, Castella. Second page of the resume. Landscape.
@2013-08-07 19:57:00
I wouldn't put CFA Level I Candidate on my resume because everybody can register for CFA Level I and become a Level I Candidate. Wait until you pass Level I and then after registering for Level II exam, you can put that you are a CFA Level II Candidate.
@2013-08-12 13:31:58
I have put CFA Candidate
Enrolled for the June 2014 Exam.

You have to be careful not to make it sound like you have partially completed the program.

I think that saying you are a CFA Level 2 Candidate may imply that partial completion is a qualificaiton in itself.

I would agree however not to say that you have enrolled in level one. Many people do know the failure rate, so saying that you are enrolled is nothing special. Passing is.

@2017-04-11 12:21:30
Standard 7 B in the Codes and Standards Guidance specifies what is considered acceptable reference to where we are in our candidacy.

Saying that you are a candidate of any level is OK and does not imply partial completion of that test. Referring to yourself as a CFA Level I once you pass is overstating it.

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