AuthorTopic: Collective praying
@2010-03-15 22:53:00
Hey bros and sistas,

The exam is coming and I am only half way through the material. I will be taking a month off in May and will be studying my ass off (I am Level II).

I believe in God and want to ask you guys to start collective praying to God for yourself AS WELL AS all other CFA candidates to give us enough willpower, stamina, motivation, good brain functionality (we need it though this May madness) AND UNWAVERING BELIEF IN OUR SUCCESS to keep going and carry though with the exam.

With Godís help, there is nothing that will stop us from our success.

Letís do it, guys. In God we trust and Heíll help us.
@2010-03-16 13:03:21
@2010-04-18 11:51:40
you'd better study

help yourself and god will help you but do not waste your time whining and crying for help. it's all up to you!
@2010-05-13 04:14:26
I'm praying that you will fail. Not only that, I'm getting everyone I know to pray that you fail. So you'd better get on the ball lining up people to pray on your side, because my side has an in to the Big Man Upstairs. Only time will tell who is the ultimate victor in the Prayer Attrition Wars. Good luck.
@2010-06-03 16:26:00
I'm not sure that praying to the supernatural will help in passing the CFA. Focus, put in your hours, trust in yourself and the reality of your hard work and you will pass. If you fail level II, blame only yourself. If you pass, congratulations, YOU did it.
@2010-06-04 03:15:27
I'm praying the He gets us all to pass

@2010-06-07 00:28:34
Luck is the only thing that you cannot control. Do your best and leave the rest to god.

May god helps us all ;)

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
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