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@2017-02-01 16:01:57
I am a chartered accountant from india with a total experience of 8 years in financial and management accounting in India and Australia. I wish to become an investment analyst and for that I am pursuing CFA. My level I exam is in June.

I want to know what would be my career prospects in the desired field given that I am already 33 years old and would be at least 36 by the time I hold the CFA charter. Is getting employment in Investment analyst easier after clearing Level I or Level II?

Please advise.
@2017-03-04 06:33:19
Job prospects as an Investment Analyst might not be the same around the Globe. In North America ( Canada & US), to be an Investment Analyst, you need to start as a Junior Analyst( I started as a Research Analyst)accepting a meager salary but learning a lot of stuff. Companies recruit for this type of position(Junior) through campus placement,and most of the times it should be from a renowned university/B-School, then only you walk your way to become an Investment Analyst/Fund Manager while doing your CFA.

Another thing is the competition, in North America( Toronto & NY) you have tonnes of CFAs so its kind of tough to land a job in the field even being a CFA charterholder.

On a more positive note, CFA is an amazing designation that will open doors for you in the financial industry. You dont have to be a Investment Analyst, you can be an Invesment Advisor/Counsellor, Product Manager, Financial Planner,trader,Investment Banker,etc. I think with your Accounting background, you might be a Financial Planner specialising in Taxation and Investment.

Hope my comment helps!!
@2017-03-07 08:19:17
I am a full time physician, age 50, and am pursuing CFA designation as well. I am not sure what my "job prospects" might be with CFA, but I am launching a hedge fund with internal monies initially that I hope the CFA education will help me manage this better. I have been advised on several accounts, however, that with my educational background, demonstrated success as an investor and Series 65 certification already that with the CFA even at my age I would be attractive to future employers. Many view the CFA as essentially equivalent to a bachelor's degree. So certainly at age 36 you should be fine!!
@2017-04-10 22:43:20
I am a senior IT Manager (Head of Dept) and commenced CFA at 44. My desire is to take a similar role in the finance industry. Now at 45 I'll sit for Level II in June and intend to sit for FRM I & II in Nov. It makes me feel like a U student once again ...

I wish I was 36!
@2018-05-15 04:10:17
Hi, As rightly pointed out earlier, CFA designation provides a comprehensive view of a lot of topic areas in finance and it is definitely going to be a a value addition in your CV. Considering your background, you might land in a role as equity analyst in a buy side fund. This will give you a lot of learning opportunities and gradually you may aim to become an investment analyst in a specific sector.

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
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