AuthorTopic: Comparable to Series 7?
@2003-12-11 17:08:25
I am studying for the CFA Level I in June and, for those who have taken both the Series 7 and the CFA Level I exams, I was just wondering if, as far as difficulty goes, the Level I exam is comparable to the Series 7.
@2003-12-12 08:59:10
well, given that every broker in town has it, even the ones that mored from being used car salemen to stock brokers.

I haven't taken it, but I can't imagine it being harder that the CFA exam. My friend is a broker and he thinks convexity is ship on Star Trek
@2003-12-12 14:19:24
series 7 does not compare in difficulty
@2004-02-05 17:57:56
I have series 7 and am studying for the CFA. Absolutely no comparison at all. The 7 doesn't even scratch the surface of the in depth requirements of the CFA.
@2004-08-01 20:47:19
which one is harder to pass, CPA/CFA ? link to series 7 :)

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