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@2017-11-30 19:10:02
I have been in the financial services industry for 5+ years doing everything from sell muni's, corporate debt to insurance and I am deciding on which direction to go. I like the work but I don't feel the challenge anymore.I was thinking about getting my MBA in Finance or passing Level 1 of the CFA. My future goal is to manage a Mutual fund. Should I scrap the MBA dream at a tier 1 or 2 school or just pursue the CFA religiously?
@2017-12-01 12:30:30
Yes. MBA's are a dime a dozen these days, and the CFA will give you not only the credentials you'll need but also the knowledge. Speaking from experience, the MBA programs give you a lot of knowledge in areas that wouldn't necessarily help you much in managing a mutual fund. I breezed through my MBA program (from a top 25 school) but I am not having quite as easy a time with the CFA practice questions/tests.
@2019-05-03 12:30:58
People that say MBAs are dime a dozen probably don't have one or didn't make very good use of their degree. An MBA, just like the CFA is what you make of it. Either one could prove more valuable depending on the opportunities you are seeking. I finished my MBA in Dec and am working on CFA II. I'm in 3rd round interviews for a Private Equity position. The CFA progress probably helped too, but MBA was table stakes. Also, part of the interview process involved doing a take home case study on a LBO deal and the modeling techniques I learned in the MBA program helped immensely.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!