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@2015-01-10 14:23:13
Does anybody have any tips on how to contact department hiring managers? If I don't have any contacts at a firm it's tough to get past the receptionists/gatekeepers.
@2015-01-11 14:11:53
While calling the hiring manager is ideal, it's usually easier to find emails than phone numbers. This is a way in the back door that has helped me somewhat.
@2015-02-06 08:56:03

If you can't get past the receptionist, ask to leave a message on the Hiring Manager's voicemail. Don't be surprised if you don't hear back. Instead, use this as an opportunity to call again and mention that you sent your resume to the company via the internet and wanted to make sure it didn't fall into a "blackhole." The hiring Manager may view your persistence as a positive. You have nothing to lose by trying this. Another strategy is to call the Hiring Manager's Manager. If you leave him a voicemail, he may forward to the Hiring Manager who may follow-up as a delegated item from his Manager. HR is just a gatekeeper, I would skip them entirely.

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