AuthorTopic: Correlation between Analyst Notes & CFA
@2010-02-01 05:28:48
I am a user of Analyst Notes and I find that it is very useful in providing me with pretty good preparations. I am taking Level 1 in June.

As I am doing the questions here for preparation, I am curious to know from all those who have already taken Level 1 and passed after using the material in Analyst Notes.

Would you mind share with us, roughly what is the % of questions you do correctly in AnalystNotes questions, and roughly what percentile you get over here in Analyst Notes. This would help those of us who are preparing to gauge where we stand.

Thank you.
@2010-02-01 11:16:33
My rankings were 10 - 15% lower here than I got from the real exam (December, 2009). I got above 70% in all areas but my analystnotes percentile rankings were about 55-60% on average. Perhaps people of this site study harder or are smarter.

Just my 2 cents.
@2010-02-01 23:30:30
I was wondering the same thing... anyone else who took level one?
@2010-02-02 04:26:37
Thanks a lot LogicLogic for your sharing. Congrats for passing Level 1.

Hope that others could share too, so that we have a better picture.
@2010-02-04 05:47:00
I passed lvl 1 and I had app 50% in percentile rankings.

The mocks exams are pretty close to the real exam.
@2010-06-18 06:31:13
I thought the difficulty of the exams on this site was representative of, if not harder than the actual exam, although the phrasing and format was a little different. be prepared for two part questions in the real exam. I passed with over 70 in all areas except alternative assets. I was ranking about 60% on this site.
good luck

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