AuthorTopic: CPA I need help with CPE!!!!!!!!
@2004-03-04 11:14:59
I am a CPA, and I am serious about starting the CFA program this year. I want to how if any body knows if there is a way to earned CPE credits by approving the CFA exams or by using an specific review provider. NASBA regulated the CPA's CPE Program, and in order to get credits for self study programs you need to enroll with a resgisted provider. ANY CPA HAVE INFORMATION ON THIS ISSUE?
@2004-03-05 11:27:41
I have gone through this process, its very easy. There is a link on the website that tells you to send an email to asking them to verify your participatioin in the exam, they then send you a letter that you can give to your firm. I got 250 hours of CPE credits for passing I and II.
@2004-04-26 08:30:30
Thank you my friend
@2004-04-30 21:28:18
You should check out AIMR's site - no more CPE for those enrolling after 12/31/03.

I was hoping to get CPE credit and didn't know this until after I signed up. I'm not sure about CPE credit for review classes.

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
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Andrea Schildbach