AuthorTopic: CPA need Help...CFA or MBA??
@2017-06-01 20:16:41
Please help,

I am a recent qualified CPA working in a corporate finance/ banking industry and I want to continue to stay in this industry for some more time since there is so much to learn.

I am confused as to either do an MBA or CFA?

CFA can improve my credit writing skills (which I am now lacking) and an MBA can improve my management skills (future job prospect).

Any CPA with CFA/ MBA can help?
@2017-06-04 04:38:28
I'm not a CPA but getting a CFA vs MBA doesn't have to be mutually exclusive, if you're going to work for a year or more before getting your MBA why not start sitting for the CFA tests.
@2017-07-04 09:10:04
I agree with the previous post from Wildman. I'm finishing up my MBA next spring and already started to study for my CFA. Perhaps you can find an MBA school that incorporates/prepares you for the CFA program (heard there are some out there). If you're confused as me, I'm even considering going for series 7 once i'm done with the MBA just so that I can "qualify" for some of hte job positions out there. %-) Good luck

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