AuthorTopic: Critical Success Factor
@2011-04-21 02:35:47
Which is the most critical sucess factor to pass i.e. time, preperation, knowledge etc.
@2011-03-08 06:37:40
Doing questions again and again. That's the critical factor! (Obviously after covering all the material)
@2011-04-14 07:41:32
Good point.
@2011-04-26 19:21:27
Knowledge, and then time prep. If you have good time mgt skills, but don't know the material, you are just delaying the inevitable..
@2011-05-12 03:31:42
time management
@2012-08-29 10:58:27
Understanding of the content of the assigned reading viz a viz the LOS, consistent reading, time management. Retention of what has been read and putting these into practice cannot be over emphasized.

Good luck y'all!!
@2013-09-22 05:50:25
Reading effectivly and retaining the content is the key to success. Some people are able to retain he content well by repeatedly reading some can do that by doing practise questions.
@2014-10-07 15:34:51
I would suggest leaving last 2 months for practice questions only, i.e. by April one has to cover all SSs.
@2020-01-14 10:42:30
For me, the critical thing is time management as well - keeping focused and disciplined and staying on track.

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