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@2018-04-07 20:33:29
Won't go into too much detail.. CFA Level 1 in June.

I started in December going 1 - 2 (7days/wk) hours a day.. notched it up to 2 hours in Feb. Now I'm going 3 - 4/day.

I'm reading books each study session @ a time then doing all the practice questions on each study session.

If I really don't understand something, I mark it down & move on.

I make 2 - 3 flash cards for each reading & review my flashcards @ night before sleeping.

I figure I'll cover all the material by May which will leave me the whole month of May to just do practice exams all day long until I feel as if I've done so many problems that I may see the very same ones on the test (kidding).

I also plan to dedicate a whole week in May to nailing down Quants & Ethics to a tee.
@2018-05-06 10:12:35
How is your progress so far? May is almost upon us, are you nearing the end of book 5/starting book 6?

What are your flash cards covering; two or three for each reading seems too little, I would think that you could have that many just for formulas for a regular reading.

You should also build in time to review the things that you mark down as 'really don't know'; last thing you want is for something you know you didn't know to show up on the test.

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