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@2013-11-18 08:15:01
Hi all - just wanted to find out whether the culture at I-banks is really as aggressive and cut-throat as it is made out to be. I am someone who is confident of their abilities, and can work long hrs and under pressure but I am definitely not aggressive and am kind of low-key and shy. Do you think there is no fit personality-wise? Are there any depts. in I-banking (besides quant) where they value you even if you are not brash and over-confident?

@2013-11-18 22:50:43
hey, freburg!
people at the i-boutique where I have my internship are very friendly and supportive. you just have to know when you can crack jokes with them and when to work really hard. I could never imagine that the primary reason for me to go to the job each morning would be the people who work there...
I don't think the shyness is a typical quality of an i-banker, but think about it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Will an intimidation be a problem if you need to call a CFO 10 times a day to ask him the questions that he doesn't want to answer?
One more thing: the way I think about it, the best trait of an i-banking analyst is ability to work hard. You should ask yourself the most important thing - do you have the drive and motivation to get your ass to the bank after you had 2 hours of sleep at home and half an hour more in your car?
@2013-11-21 14:08:31
I know I won't.

2 hrs of sleep !!!!!!!!! NOTHING is worth that. You do that for a couple of weeks, and soon the only thing you'll be looking at is the white paint on the hospital's ceiling.
@2013-11-29 19:31:24
i dont doubt that it's true that some nights you only had 2 hours of sleep... but I think it's greatly exaggerated that 2 hours is a 'typical' nights sleep as an I-banker.

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