AuthorTopic: Current Status! How's yours
@2007-01-02 07:10:42
Ethics: Completed 60%

For Economics,
SS4: completed
SS5: now at monetary policies

How's yours so far, please share! Thanks!
@2007-01-02 11:23:42
Ive done two passes through ethics and feel very comfortable. I will have to brush up on GIPS at a later time. I have decided to skip quant and deal with that it will be my biggest struggle. I am through two of the three study sessions in Economics and am feeling pretty comfortable with that. I have decided to type out all LOS and answer them after I finish each reading. System seems to be working oyt pretty well so far and this site is really helping me. Long way to go, but making decent progress.
@2007-01-03 01:11:50
I have read through study session 4, 7 and 10 pf the EBook. I found that alternating between reading and doing practice problems online makes for slower progress, but allows me to retain more information. I dont feel that motivated yet, and plan to really start cranking soon. Good luck all.
@2007-01-03 09:49:47
Whew...I just completed Econ - at Global Econonmics. I hope I can finish Econs and Ethics by this week! And I will be doing Financial Statement Analysis. All the best folks!!
@2007-01-09 10:26:09
Hey people! Are you all preparing for the June exam? I`ve got the books but can`t decided between june or december exam. If i go for the june exam i can only really put in 15-20 hours a week study after work etc and i`m worried it might be a bit of a struggle to get it all done well enough.
@2007-01-10 12:04:18
Dear all,

I have studied session2-4.
But I just found the syllabus for economics in 2007 is significant different from 2006.
@2007-01-11 15:32:08

Ive been through ss complete 10 by end of this week. I have studied those from the CFA curriculm. My game plan is to get FSA, ethics, fixed income from the CFA books. The rest will be from analystnotes. My objective is fo finish 1 reading every two days in week days and to finish four readings on weekends

Thankfully, I have been able to negotiate 14 study leaves from my employer plus I am going to take 8 local leaves. That leave me the whole month of May free.

Does anyone know it the quant methods from analystnotes is good enough when compared to the cfa books?

Gabe U still have 140 days left.Two hours per day equals 280 hours.....that should be sufficient I think. Be courageous and give it a go.

Best Wishes
@2007-01-14 22:20:38
i have finished ethics and quant 1 i ma now reading quant 2.not fully motivated.50% ranking on analystnotes
@2007-01-18 18:12:21


p.s. sorry for stupid question (seems everybody knows this except me)....
@2007-01-22 07:59:49
Ethics completed 100%;
Quant 1 almost finished.
Aim for completing all SSions by April and leave May for review only.
@2007-01-30 18:17:07
Well, been through Fixed asset valuation ( 15 and 16), and Eco topics. I stil dont have a grip on the material, I need to throughly revise it.

My plan to finish by end april, and leave may for review. wont be taking leaves but I can manage 4-5 hour a day .....
@2007-01-31 10:07:54
My status is bit strange. Completed Book 4 ( corporate finance). Now concentrating on Book 5. Then will come back to economics from Feb 15 onwards. Feb end target is economics. By March end all the 6 books should be covered. Not sure if my approach is correct or not.
@2007-02-01 05:49:16
I am struggling with financial statement analysis.. its tough!!
@2007-02-02 05:05:31
I also skipped quant 1 & 2 and will go back through.
@2007-02-02 05:06:24
I am waiting until December to take it to make sure I pass the first time through. I have seen 80% of the course and am going back through to memorize the material and formulas and do practice questions.
@2007-02-02 14:49:04
I'm currently finishing my Financial statement analysis soon...tired...kept forgetting here and there..
@2007-02-04 16:04:15
completed SS 4-10 from cfa curriculm
ss 15-16 from analystnotes. Ranking is not very good: +/- 70% for Eco while FSA +/- 45%.
I think that I have rushed FSA too much, so Im currently reviewing it. Im still within time limit so no problem.

Bahodir the syllabus is here:
@2007-02-05 17:29:59
I'm using CFA curriculum. I've completed Ethics, but need to review again. I'm going through Quant right now. Too much material to read. Would you recommend notes from analystnotes?
@2007-02-06 05:08:13
I have done ethics - 91% on analystnotes

Most of SS2 done and OK so far- I dont want to get bogged down on SS3 next week and may well do this at the end and crash through Economics......does this make sense?..any comments would be apreciated.

I fear that if I get bogged down on SS3, that I may lose time and confidence
@2007-02-23 05:59:53
i just completed ACCA then studied this CFA, think is a new begining for me. I dont know how to use the calculator ( haven't been to Kasturi class ).Will it difficult?
@2007-02-25 22:00:45
I just completed an MBA, Finance specialization. The CFA's study sessions seem pretty simple to me with the exception that there is to much to review.
@2007-03-13 22:28:46
How's everyone's studying is going? I started from SS 14, 15 (done with those), and am doing SS 16 (Options, forward, futures). Haven't started ethics yet... Is it a great start of studying?
@2007-04-06 07:49:26
Have started review since start of this month. Started with FSA and plan to finish by end of this week. Then will go through Quantitative..
@2007-04-07 08:01:21
left a few chapters here and there... very worried as I can't remember all.
@2007-04-10 09:51:58
finished the learning,
only doing questions from now till the D day.
but i have to admit that sometimes i need my notes to remember things
@2007-05-16 13:33:40
what r u guys/gals up to? time is flying on my side.........
@2007-05-17 00:51:38
same here - I am done with reading, have been reviewing for a week *all exercises* and am going to be done with it on Sat - then 2 weeks of intense exam ques.....* i am going to grad school, so no work that bothers me
@2007-08-01 07:32:35
Well had to conclude this thread with the good news that I made it.
@2007-08-12 01:00:33
How far is everyone who's writing in December?
@2007-08-16 23:04:16
Worried Salma .....
@2007-08-17 07:32:33
So am I. Feels like time is flying by n I still have tons to do
@2007-08-18 19:21:38
Im in UAE .. where do u live?
@2007-08-20 01:20:30
Just 1 week into the study. I guess I'm far behind...So how's everybody doing so far?
@2007-08-28 18:44:21
Signed up just 2 weeks ago, finished TVM concept, worried how it goes on Dec. exam.
@2007-08-28 21:29:38
I have started study 2 weeks agao and completed 2 chapater of FSA .far behind .not going to clear DEC exam . i don't have any financial b'ground . is the right approach to pickup FSA ?
@2007-08-30 00:19:37
Myself also into FSA. I think it is best to crack FSA first, and then move forwards/backwards.
What do you all think ?
@2007-08-30 01:33:31
I am done studying Study Session 2 Quantitative Methods Basic Concepts so far, I have just started studying Study Session 3 Quantitative Methods Applications and am hoping to be done by Sunday.
@2007-09-01 12:56:55
I am done reading study session 1, 11 and 12. starting session 2 & 3. THis weekend, am trying the answer all the review questions for session 11 and 12.

i am quite behind with my review schedule.
@2007-09-07 00:14:07
Is any one appearing exam from UAE...?Is it scheduled for Dec 01, 2007; just to clarify?

Has any one done any mock exams till now?Need to know a source of mock exams,, since Analyst notes opens only in November.

@2018-11-13 09:39:58
Anyone studying for Level 1 in Malawi?

The exam was tough! I sat for the June session and it was a disaster! I failed miserably.

you really need to be well prepared, thoroughly i should say for you to pass the exam

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