AuthorTopic: Curriculum changes between June and December 2010?
@2010-01-01 03:42:33
Hello All,

I’m coming from a completely nonfinancial background (in a genetics phd program), and am not sure about my chances of passing level 1 at the first shot. Does anyone know if the curriculum changes between June and December 2010 exams? I was thinking of taking it in December, but buying the AnalystNotes Pro now and getting some of the CFAI June books from a friend of mine. CFA says that they change their exam every year, so it seems as though it shouldn’t be an issue.


@2010-01-02 13:06:43
No. The June and December 2010 cover the same material. The LOS do not change within the same year. If you have enough time to study per week I think its best that you try to do L1 in June, that way you'll have more time to study for the following L2 exam, assuming you pass. If you take the test in December and pass I do not think that leaves enough time to study for the next June L2 exam (unless you don't work full time, do not have children and can dedicate full weekends to study). That's my opinion.

CFA Discussion Topic: Curriculum changes between June and December 2010?

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