AuthorTopic: Damn!! I'm Running LATE, anyone else??
@2006-04-28 09:07:03
I've still not mastered my BA-II Plus, I've not been able to complete reading about 3000 pages of CFA Study Material, or all of Analyst Notes study material. I haven't even started the basic questions of this site's readings, and completed only around 20% of the test questions.

So where does that leave me? The analysis follows:

Estimate Of Time Required

3600 Analyst notes questions
(around 200/study session):

3 mins/ question = 10800 mins = 180 Hrs.

Analyst notes Material reading: (estimated@200pages/session):

3 mins/page =10800 mins = 180 Hrs.

CFA Study material (around 3000 pages)

4 mins/ page = 12000 mins = 200 Hrs.

Mastery of My BA-II Plus:

5 Hrs max. = 5 Hrs.

"Search and execute" procedures for things I've missed.

20 Hrs.= 20 Hrs

That's 180+180+200+5+20 = 585 Hrs.


Time in Hand

Days in hand (let's say) = 30

Total supply of hours: 24*30 =720

Less: Office Hrs:09*26 =234
Less: Micellaneous usage:03*30=90
Less: Sleep :04*30 =120
=276 Free Hrs

Required course of action:


The present circumstances require me to squeeze 2.1195 Hrs / given Free Hrs. (585/276)

So, you see given 585 Hrs or my ability to squeeze 2.1195 Hrs/Free Hrs.The probability that I'll pass level I is:

P(I'll Pass)= 0.99

Hmmmm, that's good for thought.

This is what, I think, they may call "THE TIME VALUE OF TIME"

Let's see if I can manage. Take care all and so long...
@2006-04-28 19:07:11
Yes, I've decided to aim for the December exam.
@2006-04-29 06:17:40
Sourav, I contacted on 27/4 and explained my situation (I have formally withdrawn my enrolment with CFA Institute from the June exam and re-entered for December) and I was then offered to change my AnalystNotes registration to the December exam as well with no additional cost, however, they wanted me to decide before May 1 (that is I had to decide today or tomorrow at the very latest). It was an easy choice to make.
@2006-04-29 17:21:51
Good for you 0is4eva. As far as I am concerned, for me it's June. I'm working in turbo mode. I've reduced sleep to around 3-3.5 Hrs/day. I don't know how long I'll manage this way, but this is exactly how I've managed things over all these years...and it has worked. Hope it works this time, too. My boss who generally keeps barking at me has also started being very cooperative and allowed me shorter working hrs. God bless him!! Good luck for Dec, though.
@2006-04-30 19:34:29
Well, in that case the only remaining option might be to withdraw any and all holidays or vacation time you have access to, and use that time to study... Maybe your boss could allow you shorter working hours, it is after all also an investment you make on behalf of your boss so to speak, he must be proud to have a CFA candidate working for him and he would have no interest in your flunking the exam. I had a colleague who was able to pull this off.

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!