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@2007-02-25 14:00:35
Am currently living in Zimbabwe and registration via credit card over the internet is virtually impossible. I have to get an international money order from my bank. Please may someone give me details (i.e Bank account name etc etc) and the best way of going about it. And approx how long will it take as i wish to be registered before 15 march before the fee increases
@2007-02-28 04:47:42
Payment deadlines:
27 Sept 06 15 Feb 07 15 Mar 07
Registration Fee
(one-time) US$390 US$390 US$465

Exam Fee: Level I
(enrollment) US$370 US$455 US$690

Total Cost to Enter
the CFA Program: US$760 US$845 US$1155.

Please note that the deadline to register for June 2007 is 15 Mar, 2007

You will be paying the maximum fee of US$1155, AS THE FEB 15 DEADLINE IS OVER.
@2007-02-28 18:35:48
From what I can tell from CFAI's site the fee for December doesn't increase until 15 August 2007. There are download forms (in contrast to on-line registration) availabe at and it is also possible to receive a package by mail by e-mailing or calling (800) 247-8132 (USA or Canada) or +1 (434) 951-5499 (elsewhere). I assume that you can order their material ("the books") at the same time, on a separate order sheet.
@2007-02-28 18:40:10
I forgot to add that if you're entering at this late date (28 March or later) I simply assumed that you are aiming for the December 2007 exam given how difficult the material is ... *sigh* ... this will also bring you the advantage of being able to ask on various sites (such as this one) for used copies of books, study notes, exam material (like e.g. Schweser's Book 6), flashcards and similar.

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
Martin Rockenfeldt

Martin Rockenfeldt