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@2007-04-12 16:13:53
Hi All,

I prepare for Dec. 2007 level 1,

And I like to study with group online,

Any body likes to join with me to study as a group online,

Decide together which chapter we will studying and help each other

To understand the difficult point ?

I am waiting ..

My all regards,
@2007-04-13 12:08:37
Am Satheesh from India. I am preparing for my CFA Level 1 Dec 2007. I would be interested in an online study group. Even my cousin can join, he too is preparing for the Dec 2007 exam. As of now I have completed Ethics with materials from CFA Institute. I am going through the questions now. I am planning to buy my BA II calculator and then start the Quants. Till then graze around with economics. Thts all from me.

How about you?.

Satheesh P R
@2007-04-18 05:05:33
Hey guys,

I am interested in joining your study group. I will be giving my Level 1 in Dec 2007. I have'nt started any reading yet.

@2007-04-18 11:15:58
Hi noor I am also interested to join the group

@2007-04-20 10:20:13
Hi Noor/Shilpa/Anupam,

No responses yet. How do we plan to start the study group.

Satheesh P R
@2007-04-23 18:28:47
Hi Anupam,

I and Satty are planning to study together online. IF you are interested join us on the other thread Dec. 2007 Level 1 Study Group Online

@2007-04-23 19:07:40
Hi Noor/Shilpa/Anupam,

I am preparing for dec 2007 exam I would like to form a study group with u

best of luk 2 u all

@2007-04-24 18:11:57
Hey jogesh

Follow the other thread of Dec 2007 Level 1,study group- Online. That thread is active.
@2007-05-03 07:32:21

Hey Shillu,

R u still interested in the online study group. Wat r ur plans for that?

@2007-05-03 07:33:19

Hey buddies...

Why dont we start a google groups. That way it will be easier to chat about the sessions as well as mail

@2007-05-07 20:22:19
Hey Satty,

How are things goin on? I was on vaccation and lost the touch with u guys.. Whats the plan now and how are u guys doing it? What happened to the other thread in which we had all the schedule to follow?

Ceeya soon
@2007-07-11 03:11:56
I am interested in the study group how can i join.
@2007-07-13 15:42:17
Hi people, I'm interested in joining the online study group for Dec. 2007. Haven't read much. I also have 2 MBA exams between now and Dec.Hence, I need a the study group badly.
@2007-07-24 07:04:41
I am also interested to join online study group.
Can some tell me how to jion and any exsiting plan to study.
@2007-07-31 15:55:15
hi all count me in i have started with ethics and am done with the basic questions
@2007-08-02 13:35:55
you can count on me too.
To start off, for the collaboration to be productive, i suggest we all try to coordinate our work bit.

In my former study groups, i found out that conversations about the different subjects really can help us understand and memorize the material.
it is even more helpfull then just asking question when u don t understand.

We could, for example, each week planify which part of the the material EVERYBODY has to have studied and start talking about it.

I have basically read all the material once to check how feasable it was (My conclusion is that it is, but with heck of a work). I will start soon studyng Ethics.

So far i am commited to stick with the Analystnotes to study. Feel free to make me change my mind!

How far is every body else? Can we start talking about ethics? Oh am i to late already...

Thank you.

i am sure we will make a great team, and that everbody well succeed!!!

@2007-08-02 21:43:03
hi yala i have started with ethics i am concentrating on AN too i am done with the basic questions. i have been trying to get some response from the forums but no one has replied lets chalk out a plan and hit it
@2007-08-04 14:23:07
hi to all
My name is Kashif and "I have recently joined.
Is there any body to help me; and let me know how to join the group and study plan.
@2007-08-04 20:44:43
just join in kashif and start posting
@2007-08-05 04:10:29
Hi to all,

I am pretty much interested to join in your group. I just started reading with my own equities and derivatives books. Let me know if i can get any discounted price of books and material to move ahead. please add me into your group.

Nothing is Impossible.
@2007-08-12 20:50:47
hi. i am interest in joining you guys. i've read equity corporate and economic but i feel forgetful and need communication to help each other. please add me in.
@2007-08-17 03:06:23
i'm running late on my studying... REAL late..
i've only briefly read through ethics and abit of quant.
help. some one help pls....
how to join the study group?
@2007-08-20 15:17:50
hi i am interested in joining.count me in
@2007-08-22 22:47:07
hi guys ! we all can start posting ques doubts i did not get any response for the study group so just lets start posting
@2007-09-16 08:28:29
hey guys. am taking L1 in dec07. finished economics, did one session on GIPS and have started FSA, then went on a 3 week holiday and now am afarid am far behind..wanting confirmation from this grp is that is indeed too late for this dec exam?

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