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@2007-04-12 12:34:12
Hi All,

Today I will starting study for Dec. 2007 Level 1.

Any body would like study as a group - online?

Decide together which chapter will studying and help each other ..


@2007-04-16 22:18:24
Hi Noor,

I would like to join u. I am giving my June 2007 exam.

@2007-04-17 13:22:21

I am giving the Dec 2007 L1 exam. How do you plan to start the online study group?.
@2007-04-17 13:32:33
This is my study schedule.

By March 20, 2007 Ethics and Standards (1) Study ethics thoroughly

By April 5, 2007 Economics (4 & 5)

By April 20, 2007 Economics (5 & 6)

By May 10, 2007 Quantitative Analysis (2) These concepts are used through out the study and needs continuous revision.

By May 31, 2007 Quantitative Analysis (3)
By June 15, 2007 Financial Statement Analysis (7)

By June 30, 2007 Financial Statement Analysis (8)

By July 15, 2007 Financial Statement Analysis (9)

By July 31, 2007 Catch up Week Take a break and review ethics and other concepts.

By August 15, 2007 Financial Statement Analysis (10)

By August 31, 2007 Corporate Finance (11)

By September 15, 2007 Portfolio Management (18)
By September 30, 2007 Equity (12-13) & Alternative Investments (18)

By October 10, 2007 Catch up Week Take a break and review Alternative Investments and Portfolio management.

By October 20, 2007 Equity (14) & Fixed Income (15)

By October 31, 2007 Fixed Income (15-16)

By November 10, 2007 Derivatives (17)

Till exam starts Ethics review and Mock exams. Revise those concepts again where you feel you are not confident.

@2007-04-18 04:51:30
Hey guys,

I gave a wrong date of my exam. Dont know what I was thinking ;) Well I too am giving my dec 2007 exam. I would like to join you guys in the study group.
@2007-04-18 04:53:22
Hey Satty,

Are you done by Economics by now? Coz I am starting now and would like to join u.

@2007-04-19 08:48:01
Hey Shillu,

I am startin Economics this weekend only.

@2007-04-20 05:36:23
Hi Satty,

Thats nice to know.I started with Quantitative today and thought of finishing them first coz I am not good in Quantitative ;) So thought of getting by the toughest one first. Do u want to do Quantitative b4 eco?
@2007-04-20 10:10:32

I too thought of doing Quants before Econ but I thought of getting myself the BA II Plus Pro calculator before starting Quants, that way it will get me acquainted with calc soon.

@2007-04-20 22:13:22
Hi satheesh,

Well then i guess we can start once u get ur calci...Do you want to redo the schedule and we can stick to it... We can start doing the same study session together and can discuss any queries we may have.

Let me know by when u can get ur calci?

@2007-04-23 07:08:17


Thts fine. I will be travellin this weekend through Dubai to India. I will get the calculator by this weekend and once i come back i.e by 13th may, we can start. Wat do u say?. By the time can u wish to prepare a schedule or do u want me to prepare one. Anyways i have finished Ethics and have started economics.

@2007-04-23 12:36:39


How do you plan to start a study group online?. Do you think it will be easier to post your queries here or start a forum for it.

@2007-04-23 18:17:14
Hi Satheesh,

Thats fine with me. Meanwhile I will also prepare a schedule.I was wondering if you want to finish one subject at a time or do u want to touch all subjects simultaneously?

I was thinking like posting the question both here and also in the forum that way we will get replies from other guys.

Have a safe journey.

@2007-04-24 06:18:02

Did you see my schedule above? I had prepared that. But see, now I have 1 month lag on my schedule. It woul be better if we take one subject at a time till Quants and Econ are over. Then we can take 2 subjects at a time and carry them simultaneously.

Wat do you say?

@2007-04-24 21:14:34
Hi guys.
I would like to join your study group.
I am writing Dec/07.
Pleaselet me know where you are at in the schedule so I can catch up.
Maybe we can form a chat rm to talk online, throw out questions etc.

@2007-04-25 06:43:32
Hey Shawna,

If you see the posts above by Shilpa you will know. We are planning to start with Quants as of now. But I have finished Ethics and started Economics. But I will leave Economics half finished to start Quants.

But my idea is that we can finish with Econ as of now, and then start with Qunats because all the other coming subjects are related to Quants.

Wat do all of u say?

@2007-04-25 17:04:56
I think that's a good idea. Alot of the areas reference the material in Quants.
I have already read Ethics & Economics, but I'll review to keep the same schedule as everyone else.
@2007-05-02 09:21:19

Sorry for the late reply. But it is nice of u to review Econ with us. I am now in possession of a BA II calculator. So we will start with Quants once I return back as Shilpa says it is easier for her to start with Quants.

Wat do u say? Shilpa. But anyways check out what Shawna had written above. Ok.

How will we start the study group?

Satheesh P R

@2007-05-04 09:45:56
I wanna join the study group, I don't have the required material but I think I have sufficient material that I consider comprehensive for my Level 1 preparation.I'm still in my Final year and thinking to give Level 1 a shot in December.I would definately struggle with Ethics.At the moment, I have no material as far as this module is concerned.
@2007-05-07 20:30:55
Hi guys..

Whats happening? I feel like that I am lost. I was on vaccation and couldnt keep to the pace. I am fine with anything. If you guys want to start with eco and then quants thats fine with me. But first lets try to decide on the schedule so that it would be easy to follow.

Let me know and lets not waste more time in juz deciding which to do first. Lets juz go ahead.

@2007-05-07 23:05:35
Hi Guys,

I have worked on the schedule. I think I have given enough time to go through all chapters.
Here is the schedule:

By may 30th,2007 :Quantitative Methods
By June 15th,2007 :Corporate Finance
By June 20th,2007 :Alternative Investment
By July 10th,2007 :Fixed Income
By Aug 10th,2007 :Financial Statements Analysis
By Aug 25th,2007 :Economics - Macro
By Sept 10th,2007 :Portforlio Management
By Oct 5th,2007 :Equity
By Oct 20th,2007 :Economics - Micro & Global
By Oct 31st,2007 :Derivatives
By Nov 5th,2007 :Ethics

Since most of them have completed Ethics, we will have 1 month for mock tests,revision.Let me know what u guys think about it.

@2007-05-08 18:20:01
That looks fine to me.
Although Quants II is a heavy chapter, I should be able to keep up.
@2007-05-10 08:18:18
hello, guys. isnt late to join ur study group?

if i may ask do u read up the recommended text or some other text?

@2007-05-11 00:57:24
Hi guys,

Luv to be included. But how do we communicate? What time sets have been set where every one would be available. As well, as Shawna rightfully pointed out, Quants requires some time to understand. Again are u guys using only the CFA text or analyst notes or a combination? Cos I've got the CFA bks and the reading is killing me cos its quite voluminous

@ adebola
I'm using the CFA bks and as well as the analyst notes. But depends on the material u have available.
@2007-05-11 13:19:08
Hi everybody,

I am just now thinking of doing the exams in December. I don't have any materials, any text book and even didn't start study. I have financial backround. Do you think, that I will have enough time to prepare till December? Or I should leave that till June 08? Can you give me advise?

Thank you very much..
@2007-05-11 22:27:03
Sure u can pass the exams as long as u start studying asap.Advanced studying gives u an edge as u become familiar with CFA material but not a guaranteed pass.So u can still make up for lost time. Sorry to disappoint u, but a financial background is not sufficient enough to scale through this particular exam but a leverage as per understanding certain areas probably like quants or corp fin. But then again if u still don't feel prepared to take the exams just wait till June 08
@2007-05-12 14:49:31

We havent yet decided on how to start the online study group.

Wat do u say?. How r we going to do it?

Satheesh P R

@2007-05-12 19:26:30
Hey guys.
As per one of my previous posts, what do you think about a chat room?
@2007-05-13 09:29:13
hi, guys. I'll take the level 1 in Dec. Great to find a study group online. So is there place where we can have some discussion, or post our question for each other, or simply some materials to share? I think such a place would be of great value to all of us.
@2007-05-14 18:25:50
Hi guys,

I understand that we may need more time for quants. We can add 5 to 10 days more and accordingly change the dates for the others.
@2007-05-15 03:51:19
Hi all,

I will be taking the level 1 in Dec. I have not started my materials yet. BUt plan to start this week. However, may I ask what kind of books r u guys using? I am currently having 2006 Schweser study notes. Do you think I should get the Schweser 2007 edition or just apply for the USD69 package? Any recommendations? How much different in syllabus between the 2006 n 2007 version. Any idea??
@2007-05-15 05:57:18
@ shawna

A chatroom is the only reasonable place we all can participate. At least thats what i think. Well i second ur suggestion. BTW when do we start? Guys the earlier we do the better because I'm beginning to forget alot of things.

@ locklock
If u do a search on this site(can't seem to remember which forum exactly), there's a reply regarding the changes in the 06/07 curriculum. In all honesty, i'd advise u either get the 2007 notes to save u the stress.
@2007-05-15 08:19:13

There are lots of changes btw 2006 and 2007. You will surely need 2007 notes.

Where do u plan to start the online chat group?. Guys and gals we are just talkin abt the same, not doing anythin in particular to take this further.

Satheesh P R
@2007-05-22 12:51:18
nice concept but how are u going to meet looking at different time zones and which site we use to communicate
@2007-05-22 18:10:04
what about yahoo or messenger
@2007-05-25 23:28:05
Hi Guys

I have just decided to start the preparation. Can someone advice me the best materials - is it the CFA notes or the text books. I do not have a finance background, so pls advice accordingly.
@2007-06-07 22:24:05
Messenger sounds good to me...

Hope all of u are studying by now? I was thinking that if we have any doubts can post them here only so that we can get the answers in the meanwhile.

Happy Reading guys
@2007-06-09 17:03:52
Hi guys!

I have just decided to take Dec 2007 exam and learned about analystnotes. Haven't prepared a schedule. I have the list of relevant chapters from all those books. I am a Business Administration grad and I already studied most of these topics so I am not sure which book/note/material to follow. I hope to move fwd fast to catch up. Any suggestions/comments?!?
@2007-06-12 12:29:00
I'm very interested in the discussion! But I would like to discuss financial statement first. Please let me know if you are interested to discuss the same topic with me. Thanks
@2007-06-13 16:47:12 it too late to join the group?
i'm considering the dec 2007 exam - and am hoping to start studying next week (18 Jun) --- am i gonna be grossly out of time? - given most of you folks have started studying since April!
nope - i have ZERO background in finance! :<
@2007-06-13 19:37:39
I would like to join this discussion. How does the communication work? I have finished the Ethics and almost done with the Economics part. I plan on taking the exam in December and have previous knowledge in Finance.
@2007-06-14 19:27:25
I think you can do it if you manage to study with a schedule. The lack of finance background may make things harder for you though. I started only this week!
@2007-06-15 02:46:26
Hi All,

sandy007 >> I am in exactly same boat as you - starting the study this week and zero bacgkround in finance. Lets give it a tough fight !!

@2007-06-16 12:00:28
Hello all, am new to this forum and honestly to this exam, i dont know much about it, but my counselor thinks its best for me. am an oracle financial consultant and from the way this is am guessing i shall be doing june 2008 exams but i would like to join your preparations, i dont think its ever to early to begin preparing. so i would appriciate if some one explains the whole exam to me and the papers i have to do. been to but its all too much.

@2007-06-16 16:20:28
hi there,

I do hope it is not to late to join you.
i have just begun this week.


@2007-06-19 13:03:24
anyone interested to study financial statement first? hope to see reply soon!
@2007-06-19 15:58:47

I hope it's ok to join you
I've just completed Ethics and ..full speed ahead with Economics.

@2007-06-21 09:37:13
hi i,m just new to this group
so how do i go about joining cfa level 1 cult
@2007-06-21 20:02:28
Hi guys,

I'm hoping if I can join the study groups. I've done (read it once) Vol 1 and 3/4 on Economics.

How does the communication work?

Good Luck everyone!!

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