AuthorTopic: dec 2007
@2007-07-31 14:15:03
anyone taking level 1 in this dec would like to discuss questions and other stuff
@2007-08-12 00:57:22
Hey im writing level one in dec... how far r u with the studying?
@2007-08-12 21:57:18
hey salma i am done with ethics half way thru quants and am doing fixed income now ! how about you !
@2007-08-15 10:15:02
Hey buzai! I've done ethics... one session of the economics and almost done with portfolio management. Busy doing the review questions on analyst notes all the time. I think i'm gonna get back to economics when I finish portfolio management. Have u done any of the review questions? Hows is the quants? I'm afraid to start that session...
@2007-08-16 23:19:35
hi salma ! have u taken review ques for pm how are they ? i have not taken any ? i am doing fixed income right now we can form a plan and do it togather and discuss ques if u are upto it ?
@2007-08-18 08:10:05
Hey buzai I just took 30 of the review questions for PM, they're not really tough. But i've noticed that they test the underyling concepts more than the actual calculations... Yeah, i'm starting fixed income analysis next... by tues I think. Think it's gonna take me a while tho but we van discuss questions n stuff. Have a good studying weekend :)
@2007-08-22 22:48:23
hey salma i am done with quants and a part of fixed income analysis not bad at all maybe the review questions will be tough i am done with the basic ....
@2007-08-25 02:43:08
I just got my study materials, but I can't find how to register for the exam without registering for a class, as well. Does anyone know how I can find out what to do?
@2007-09-09 20:38:28
Hi buzai, Ive just finished fixed income analysis. Gonna start doing the review questions now and am also starting FSA... How is ur studying going?
@2007-09-16 07:59:34
hey guys. am taking L1 in dec07. finished economics, did one session on GIPS and have started FSA, then went on a 3 week holiday and now am afarid am far behind..wanting confirmation from this grp is that is indeed too late for this dec exam?
@2007-09-16 17:46:42
Hi pavisan, If u've already registered to take the exam , u might as well give it a shot
@2007-09-17 00:32:16
thanks much course hv you finished so far?
@2007-09-17 19:05:16
hi salma i am doing alternative invt how are u doing the review questions , like u finish the basic and then the review before going to another session or do it all at once
@2007-09-18 19:40:20
Hi buzai... I just started FSA today. So far so good. Well when i fifnish a session i try to do the basic questions n some of the review questions. And then whenever i have some time I just take more of the review questions on that session but in the mean time I move on to studying new sessions. I think it helps me to kinda revise the sessions i've completed a while back. How r u doing it?
@2007-09-20 05:20:43
one question on ethics, is it essential to know the I(A), V(B) etc rather thsn the actual content..I did see questions where choices were he violated I(a)...?? any guide?
@2007-10-07 13:11:58
Has anyone sat the June exams and now resitting the dec07 exams?

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