AuthorTopic: Dec 2008 CFA Level I Exam
@2008-01-02 06:15:53
Will there be a December 2008 Exam available for CFA Level I? It's a bit too late for me to prepare for Level I now. Please advise. Thanks.
@2008-01-09 14:56:52
I have the same Q as I want to register to Dec. level1 exam 2008 . shall I ask if it is available to register now?
@2008-01-10 01:40:42
soso its not that late if u r from acc\fin educational background . otherwsie it is up2 u ONLY
@2008-01-12 16:56:41
Why not jump at the June exam. Therefore, if you fail, which believe me you won't if you work hard enough, you have plenty of time after all, you can still use your same material in december. you can't necessarily do that in June 09, new stuff etc.

Besides, most of the cost of writing the CFA exams is fixed in the sense that there is an upfront registration fee for when you join, after that its only a few hundred per exam, hardly big potatoes.

Anyways, whatever you decide good luck!
@2008-01-18 18:30:14
Hi there
Just wondering if anyone do possess ACCA qualification.Is it accepted as entry requirement for CFA?I am from Asia and I know in my country it is acceptable for CFA program .
Pls advise.Just need to be sure .
Thank you
@2008-01-24 21:12:50
Yes it is accepted

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