AuthorTopic: Dec 2010 Can I pass using only AnalystNotes?
@2010-04-10 10:37:47
I know the the CFAI wants us to use its materials and they are comprehensive enough so one can pass. Having passed two professional exams, CFP and CPA, I learned that there are good and bad course review providers.

Is it possible to pass L1 using only AnalystNotes materials? I want to be efficient with my time and avoid wasting money. It seems wreckless to not use the CFAI materials, but again speaking from experience, the "tricks of the trade" given by profit-motivated course providers have worked best for me.

@2010-04-12 19:02:30
Given your background...I don't see why not.

I'm betting on them being sufficient.
@2010-05-04 16:12:55
Given your background, and for level 1, Analystnotes will almost certainly be sufficient. I don't know if this will hold through levels 2 and 3 (mainly because I'm not there yet).

But your accounting background alone will help you immensely at this level so I wouldn't worry about skipping the CFAI materials for now.
@2010-05-15 09:08:57
i passed using just AnalystNotes.

CFA Discussion Topic: Dec 2010 Can I pass using only AnalystNotes?

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I am happy to say that I passed! Your study notes certainly helped prepare me for what was the most difficult exam I had ever taken.
Andrea Schildbach

Andrea Schildbach