AuthorTopic: Dec 2010 Level 1 study group in Montreal
@2010-05-18 00:18:40
Is anybody interested to be in a study group in Montreal for the dec 2010 level 1? If interested, just let me know.
@2010-06-20 09:57:16
Hi there,

I would like to join you for the study group. I live in the South-West of Montreal which is near downtown. We can study at coffee shops or Concordia, , McGill, HEC or la Grande Bibliotheque. Send me a message if you want to study together. Thanks!

@2010-08-14 14:19:35
Hey GiGi,

It's been a long time I haven't been in the forum. still interrested in the study group?
@2011-02-04 18:52:35
Yes, I'm still interested! Are you still doing the CFA level 1 or you have passed? I haven't done it last year due to work.

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