AuthorTopic: Dec results out
@2005-01-19 10:58:11
36% made it.
@2005-01-19 12:04:23
I passed! every subject is over 70%. :)
@2005-01-19 13:55:32
Congrats to those who passed and for those who didn't, kiss ass next time!

I passed but still like to find out how I actually did. Anyone know how we can get this info? thxs in advance.
@2005-01-19 13:56:20
I meant KICK ass not kiss. Sorry
@2005-01-19 15:02:51
I passed !!!!! Thanks a lot! I am certainly going to use CFACENTER for level 2.
@2005-01-19 17:19:59
Now I am a level 2 candidate! It was a really good experience using your notes. I am going to pay for level 2 within the next few hours.
@2005-01-19 18:20:06
I passed too and I haven't decided if I should take the Level2 exam this June. I want to have a look at the test contents first. For those who have registered for the level2 exam, can you email me a copy of that pdf file downloaded from the official website of CFA program? I think only registered candidate can download that file.

Thank you!
@2005-01-20 03:36:07
I passed too, after a horrible morning exam I was bit doubtful. Anyway, greatest advantage of this website, I felt, was the MOCK EXAMS. Bye
@2005-01-20 07:26:11
Hmmm. I never passed. I had 3 subjects over 70%, and 2 under 50%..... any idea how far away from passing this would have made me?
@2005-01-20 09:38:41
Moving on to LvL2, Good luck all!
@2005-01-20 15:07:25
Do your still want to use the study notes and mock exams on this websites for level2?

Do you know if it provides the mock exams for level2?

And I found the format of the problems has been changed to 100% item-set, but I can'f find the problem here has such a format. Does it matter?

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!