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@2006-10-27 06:55:08

I am taking the CFA level I exam in December. This is my second attempt. I have finished SS 2, 3 , 7-13 and 18 and have briefly been though ethics and economics. I am currently busy with 14 - 17 and hope to finish this within the next 2 weeks. I am working full time but will take leave during the last 2 weeks to study full time. I understand the work fairly well but need to revise in order to memorise fully the formulas. I plan to do questions in the last week. I want to finish the Analyst mock exams. Do you think this will be enough preperation?
What are your suggestions?
@2006-11-09 14:09:29

Just wanted to get an idea of progess with anyone writing level 1 in December. I am almost finished with Asset Valuation. I have been thorugh everything else except ethics and economics, although I have read throug economics half way. Any suggestions on where to go from here. Should I do analyst questions on everthing while going through ethics or should I finish eco and ethics and then start the questions...

Any ideas... I really need to pass this time.

Thanks and good luck.
@2006-11-09 16:39:08
I would suggest start doing Ethics and solving questions on this website. Begin Eco. after you get done with Ethics.

Good luck!

@2006-11-10 20:23:59
Thanks for the advice. I have finished up to 18 (excluding Eco and ethics). I just started doing the questions.

@2006-11-11 00:51:15
ReeM- how has your prep been different this time around then last? any suggestions on things that you may have done that you feel are unecessary or things that are necessary. i appreciate the insight.
@2006-11-11 09:23:10

The first time around, I did not make many notes. This time I have summarised everthing. Also I did not time to focus on questions, this time I am planning to focus on questions. I underestimated the level of difficulty on ethics. I am not sure if this will work though, I do not seem to remember the material I did a while back especially the formulas, Any suggetions from yor side?

@2006-11-11 12:27:47
Reem, how tould you compare the level of difficulty of questions on this website to the ones on the real exam?

@2006-11-12 11:55:34

I can't really say at this stage, I have not done enough questions from here as yet. I actually just discovered this website recently. The notes however do seem to contain more info that Schwesser. Are you writing level 1 id Dec? Is this your first attempt?

@2006-11-12 12:11:34
Yes, Im writing Level 1 in December for the first time and hopefully the last. I'm taking classes from Stalla and using this websites for its questions.

@2006-11-12 13:32:27
Have you covered all the material so far? Have you done all the questions on this website? If I may ask. how are you ranking in the questions? Are you studying full time or do you work.

Good Luck!
@2006-11-12 17:14:09
I have kind od covered the full material except alternative investments derivatives. I don't work. What do you do? How is your progress? I have been averaging between 60-70 percentile on this website. What about you?

@2006-11-13 10:49:33
I have covered all the work except Eco and ethics. I was working full time until a week ago, as an Equity Research Assistant. So it was hard to put in as much effort as I wouold have liked to. I have only taken the Quants questions but my average less than that. I used Schwesser and i feel that these notes are more comprehensive, after reading these notes and doing the questions again, I did much better. Do you think I have enough time to improve my average from a 50 to a 70. I have 19 full days now to concentrate on this... Any suggestions? I understand the work, its just that I need to revise and memorise the formulas.

Good Luck.
@2006-11-13 12:31:54
Hey Reem,

You're an equity research assistant - you have nothing to worry about! You must be dealing with a lot of this stuff everyday. I find the questions on this website kind of tough sometimes and on the ambiguous side. You have enough time to pull up your average from the 50s to te 70s - practice is the key. I believe if you can manage around 70 on this, you iwll be fine on the exam.

Study hard! :-)
@2006-11-13 13:12:08
Thanks for the support. I have actually just been working in that position for couple of months on a contract. I do find it has been helpful in terms of my understanding of alot of the concepts. However I have not had much experience since graduating. I am definatley going to spend the rest of the time productively. By the way, where are you from?

Keep me updated on your progress!!

Thanks again :-)
@2006-11-13 15:23:32
I'm from Virginia... and you?

@2006-11-13 19:41:00
South Africa
@2006-11-15 19:35:13
Any advice on preperation for ethics???
@2006-11-18 08:52:24
Study ethics as if you are a lawyer
plus summarise everything

Hope that helps
@2006-11-18 10:43:54
ReeM where are you from in South Africa? I am in Cape Town!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe we can hook up man....
@2006-11-21 15:37:06
Wow, so many South Africans.
Im in Johannesburg. G
Good luck for the exams guys.
@2006-11-21 19:53:46
Hi Zoro and dipuo. I am in Jhb too. Good luck for the exam? Is this your first attempt? How is the preperation going? Have you attempted the mock exams yet? Any advice for these last couple day????

Good Luck!!!
@2006-11-25 09:38:53
Yes I attempted the first mock exam and I strewed up big time.
@2006-11-28 14:40:31
I am also messing up hectically.
@2006-11-29 11:19:21
Me too and I just don't know what to do. Good luck guys!

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