AuthorTopic: December 2015 Level 1 - what's your take?
@2016-01-25 03:00:39
For those who took the exam on December what is your take on it?
@2016-01-31 10:32:43
I thought the overall exam was tough, but contrary to anisk2s, I thought the afternoon section was much more difficult than morning session. Differs depending on who you ask, obviously. I only used study notes and barely cracked open the CFAI texts. From what I hear though, L2 you need to use curriculum books, so I will buy study notes, but more for a supplement than my primary study source for L2.
@2016-02-28 11:14:52
To be honest I thought the first session was tricky (corporate finance was my area of strength so I started off with that section but got bogged down quickly). The second one was easier. I was sure I didn't nail it but I knew it wasn't too bad either. Thankfully I cleared it. Btw I only used CFAI material and tried to focus on breadth rather than depth. I made sure I went through every important topic at least twice. This also meant I had time for only one practice exam (CFAI one) where I didn't do remarkably well (answered about 80 correctly out of 120). One other point is that I hold a masters in stats so quant was a cakewalk which I only went through properly couple of days before the exam. In the end it has worked out.

CFA Discussion Topic: December 2015 Level 1 - what's your take?

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!