AuthorTopic: December or June
@2017-03-01 16:08:02
I am deciding whether to take the December or June Level I exam. I'm a lawyer by trade with undergrad in finance but I don't remember any of the substantive material - certainly not anything quantitative. Any advice? I guess I could take my time studying if I chose June but if 4 months provides sufficient time to pass Level I then why not go for December?
@2017-03-02 23:07:51
I think if you took it seriously and gave 100% 3 months would be enough... An analyst in my office just passed last June and only studied for 2 weeks, granted he just graduated with his masters in finance.. .but still you have 4 months =)
@2017-03-12 15:53:44
You have 3 month, plenty of time. Everyone is on the CFA bandwagon, hop right in and take it. Sounds like everyone is doing CFA now, guess the June exam will be the largest turnout.

CFA Discussion Topic: December or June

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