AuthorTopic: Decemeber Exam - Time Required
@2016-07-17 16:04:01
Hi guys,

I am enrolled in the Dec 16 Exam, I have the AnalystNotes Pro ebook.

I need to know or get a your opinion on how much time is recommended. I heard some say at least 150 and some say 200 and some say 250?

I am currently in my undergrad which is Honours Eco, Finance & Accounting, I have 3 courses next term..(9 hours of class)

I have already finished the Corporate Finance session, and have done some of the FSA? Economics I have looked over it and I know all the concepts so its just a matter of refreshing the knowledge and doing problems/questions... I took 3 Stats Courses last year So I am pretty sure that wont be that bad. Ethics I plan to read the CFA Reading package once in October & once in November.

So I have allocated about 150-180 Hours just in the Month of Sept because classes don't start untill the 12th and nothing really happens untill the Last week of Sept. then I plan to do around 100 in Oct and about 100-150 in November.
that gives me about 350-400 hours of preparation

I plan to finish all the reading and problems & and then do problems & review the material

I plan to take the Mock Exams offered in November.

Do you guys think this will be enough?
@2016-08-04 23:45:46
I planning to enroll for this Dec Level 1 examination. I know it's too short, but can some one help me whether i can make it or should i go for June 2017. Anyhow i need the info of getting books and reading material. Let me know if any discounted price for Level 1 exam.

Madhu Sanpala
@2016-08-23 12:41:53
it should be enough but just make sure that you understand the concept behind all that you learn and do practice questions like there is no tomorrow.
@2016-11-01 07:05:58
i agree with mc01..practice questions are the key..then you are good to go..;)

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu