AuthorTopic: Decided on deferral of exam from June to December
@2016-04-04 13:22:34
After some time realizing that the June exam would no longer be possible, I decided to officially defer the exam from June to December. That being said, I went from feeling very "behind" in studying to being "way ahead"

I have already completed all of the AnalystNotes review questions for FRA (as well as BB and EOCs from CFAI text) and covered most of Ethics as well.

My schedule is quite hectic April-May and a small vacation planned for early June. With that being said, I would like the your opinion as to the following action plan for an extended study period:

The plan would be starting this month in April to cover the remaining study sessions (study notes and basic questions only) over the next 4-5 months (although that would mean full coverage by the end of June, it is likely there will be spillover into July... possibly end of July) for a full run through of the material.

The review would cover the 4,000+ review questions of each study session, re-reading of notes, CFAI BB and EOCs. I have time to dedicate to the process now with this extended study plan. By the first run through of the first review (around July) I will have then have July/August-October to review material, especially the stuff I struggled with. October/November will be dedicated to mostly mock exams. I will have 2-3 weeks off of work to study for the exam in December.

CFA Discussion Topic: Decided on deferral of exam from June to December

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Your review questions and global ranking system were so helpful.