AuthorTopic: definition of extremely high standard?
@2015-03-28 18:43:35

I'm a recent graduate who is trying to get into one of the top-tier investment banks. When they send of their (negative...) answers, they refer to other applications as having EXTREMELY HIGH STANDARD. Could someone describe to me exactly what this mean? That is, describe the "typical" graduate who gets hired for an analyst position...

My resume is very strong, but obviously not strong enough for these positions. If anybody wants to take a look at it and give me feedback on what is missing, I would be happy to email it or post it here.

Thanks everybody.
@2015-04-06 19:58:42
Extremely high standards at the best presented by Enron & our beloved legislation, that "responded" by rotation of auditors (won't it sounds like one of jokes about the military high high intellectual standard and it's pplication for changing a light bulb0).

Sorry for my being sarcastic. In a reality, it's Ivy, as simple as that.
@2015-05-05 14:59:30
If you want in at a bulge bracket firm, as was previously mentioned, you've got to graduate from a school where these firms actively recruit at.

If that doesn't describe you, then (and I can not stress this enough) 100% of getting in is based on networking. Even if you graduate from a top school, so much of it still comes down to networking. You want to be in a position where, when they are sifting through hundreds of resumes, someone recognizes your name and knows your story.

Network, network, network.

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