AuthorTopic: Did not do well on my first mock exam
@2006-11-16 01:17:28
Hey ppl,

Anyone taken the mock exams yet? How are you guys doing on them? I took my first one today and screwed up big time. I thought some of the questions were not clear and there was too much Math. Any thoughts?
@2006-11-19 04:50:11
I took the first mock exam and scored a whopping 28%. Do people know if the actual exam will be as math oriented?
@2006-11-21 14:50:31
I hope it is not, it would be too time consuming. i also scored really bad in the first one, but did much better on the second one. do you guys have taken them, how did you do???
@2006-11-25 09:35:46
I also screwed up with 22% ranking....
@2006-11-25 21:20:59
I think some o the questions on this website are quite messed up. Just this morning I came across a question which said land could be depriciated. Some questions are very confusingly worded... not clear at all.

@2006-11-26 01:00:40
I took first mock exam fith similar result only 28%, but second was better 39%.
I hope that we have time to improve and to doing well next week :)
@2006-11-26 01:13:04
I got a 51% in the first mock I took on this website.
@2006-11-26 04:25:21
I got 42% and 58% on the 1st and 2nd mock exam and still managed to pass level 1 June 06. You still have time to practise your weak areas. Know your ratios(ROE and ROA) backwards and forwards!!!!

Good Luck
@2006-11-27 03:12:58
I got 71% in the first one and 76% in the second one.
@2006-11-27 22:46:22
Very encouraging, portmgmt! Crap, I got only 28%. But hey, I skipped the quant part, so it could've been 30% at least. Wow, what a result... I'd better get to studying and revising while there's still some time lol :)
@2006-11-29 07:28:32
I got around 40%-50% percentile in ranking in AnalystNotes mock exams and I manage to get my Level 1 pass.
@2006-11-29 19:38:04
Chenchow - thanks for encouragment. I took 3 mock exams so far - 25%, 55%, 65%.
@2006-11-29 22:46:46
Thanks for the encouragement. I got 4% for the first exam (I left out alot of things because I couldn't remember the formulas). I got 49% for the second exam.

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