AuthorTopic: difference between CFA and LIFA
@2005-08-02 13:15:37
Is there a really big difference between the two designations?
@2005-08-16 12:04:37
real question?

LIFA is a hack, they just popped up a couple years ago. not recognized by anyone. maybe i should make up a designation also and charge people to write the exam. they realized that CFAI makes good cash and decided to get a piece of the pie. they sent my an email about how i'm able to just write one exam that would compliment my CFA and that i would get LIFA.

CFA Discussion Topic: difference between CFA and LIFA

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I just wanted to share the good news that I passed CFA Level I!!! Thank you for your help - I think the online question bank helped cut the clutter and made a positive difference.
Edward Liu

Edward Liu