AuthorTopic: Difference between Indian and American CFA
@2005-10-17 09:59:56
What is the differene between ICFAI's CFA and CFAInstitute's CFA?

Which is better in terms of ROI?

How far does it help for current MBA student (pre-MBA experience was in IT field) trying to shift the career into finance.

Thanks a lot.
DJ Raman
@2005-12-12 07:23:39
ICFAI's "CFA" is not a CFA at all. CFA is a trademark of the US based CFA Institute. I think (not sure) ICFAI had landed up in court for using their trademark, and had to drop it. They now call their program MS Finance.

If your aim is just to shift your career into finance, I think an MBA Finance from average or above average institute should get you there.

Wish you best.
@2005-12-12 07:33:21
Hey Sumeet

I too heard that ICFAI was having a tussle for using the CFA to promote its course.

Surely its no match to Am CFA and I find the course fees a little to expensive for this relatively new or unheard of course.


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