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@2007-05-19 22:09:21

Does anyone have a list of differences between the '06 and '07 exam study material? I am using '06 books and want to make sure I cover any material that's not in '06 as well. Your help is highly appreciated. thx!

@2007-05-23 13:13:45
I have something that might help

Level 1 - 2007 Curriculum Changes
As always, the Level 1 curriculum has changed significantly for the coming year. The rearrangement and rewriting of the learning outcome statements (LOS) has been extensive; dozens of new LOS have been added, and some old LOS have been deleted. Additionally, 25 new readings have been added, while others have been dropped. The following changes to the 2007 Level 1 curriculum represent a formidable challenge to Level 1 candidates.

Ethical and Professional Standards

The recommended procedures for compliance with the Standards of Practice are now required knowledge for Level 1 candidates

Quantitative Methods

Many LOS have been reworded and a significant number have been moved to Level 2


The Economics text has been changed. All of the readings for Microeconomics and Macroeconomics are new, as are the LOS
Two readings for International Economics have been replaced with new material
The majority of the LOS are completely new

Financial Statement Analysis

There is one new reading and six new LOS in Financial Statement Analysis

Corporate Finance

The readings are new and cover 26 new LOS
The Corporate Governance and related LOS have been added to Corporate Finance

Asset Valuation

There are two new readings
There are eleven new LOS and many that have been changed or reworded

Portfolio Management

This study session has only one new LOS!
@2007-05-24 02:07:37
Wow. This is quite a lot of changes. I am frankly stunned and not sure what to do as I was using 2006 CFA books to prepare... Anyone has any suggestions?

Thx SamehHassan!

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