AuthorTopic: Difference of Study Package CFA Level 1 for December or June
@2016-08-26 12:35:49
Hello folks,

after getting some recommendation for, I want to buy a study package. I signed up for December Level 1 CFA exam. I guess, I will have sth. like a 30% percent chance of passing.

Accordingly, I am just contemplating about buying the CFA level 1 study package for December (2016) or June (2017)?
Is there a big difference?
If not, i would probably opt for the June 2017 study package, since i dont want to pay again 100$ if i fail in December (and then take the next exam in June 2017). Coz as far as i read, you only have access to the practice questions till the date of the exam for which you booked the package.

Best wishes,
@2016-10-07 10:05:29
Hi Karsten:

There are differences between Dec 2015 and June 2016 level 1 exams, as the study guides and LOS are different. You would need to pay the exam fee for the June exam to CFA Institute that's about $400. I'd suggest you take the Dec 2014 package - that $99 will make a big difference.

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