AuthorTopic: Disclosure of confidential information to CFAI PCP
@2017-09-01 18:50:02
Hi! Can somebody explain what is the reasoning behind the requirement that CFA members and candidates disclose confidential information about their client to CFAI PCP even if they have special confidentiality agreement with the client. And how does it reconcile with priority of the law over the Code of Ethics? Thanks.
@2017-09-03 17:55:28
CFA Institute will treat the confidential information with the same care as you would; it won't be disclosed.

The reasoning is that such information may be required in an Ethics investigation, and, as there is a great upside (vile Ethics violators are punished) and essentially no downside (confidentiality is preserved), the greater good is served by disclosure.
@2017-09-04 17:17:04
Honestly I would watch it. I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice but nearly all the NDAs I've seen (must be in the hundreds now) only make carve outs or exceptions for injunctions or otherwise legally enforcable acts from state authorities and agencies (think SEC, court rulings etc.). NDAs aren't generally the most respected pieces of paper out there, but releasing confidential client data is kind of a big one and certainly merits some consideration.

CFA Discussion Topic: Disclosure of confidential information to CFAI PCP

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