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@2016-04-05 14:39:59
I think it would be a good idea to have a calculator topic where people can post questions/suggestions for their calculators prior to the exam day.

I have the BA II Plus, and one queston I have is how to delete a number after I enter. For instance, If i have a thread of calculations, get a complex # like 343.243 and want to instantly multiply that by 1.142, what can I do if I start to type and hit 1.132 rather than 1.142?

One suggestion for others is that when doing CF calculations, to enter in frequencies for cash flows spanning multiple periods. This will allow you to make more efficient calculations over long time periods.
@2016-04-08 10:11:48
I believe hitting clear once on the BAII will clear your last entry and hitting it twice will clear the whole formula.
@2016-04-16 14:41:35
below the on/off button there is a button with an arrow pointing to the right which actually cancel the last number you have input and if you keep hitting will keep cancelling the numbers one at the time
@2016-04-27 02:19:43
You have to be careful with the keys of BA II plus which requires some additional push as compared to a normal scientific calculator. Couple of times you would find one number might be missing in the screen due to faster typing/ pressing. So be careful while using BA II plus and ensure all the numbers are typed correctly.
@2017-06-07 19:13:57
If you google "2_080731140111.pdf" you can find a nice guide to the BA II Plus. It's really helped me with some of the calculator's features.

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