AuthorTopic: discussion of site features -- please participate
@2002-11-09 17:10:05
Many people have sent us emails or post messages in our guest book and forum regarding the features of this web site. Please raise any potential issues here and I will try to answer them as much as I can.

Taja: you posted a message under another thread (CFA Afficionado) regarding the resizing of the frame. It has been changed today and you can freely resize the frame to fit your screen. Next time please start a new thread if you have a differnt topic.

bryan_al01: you signed a guest message and asked about Netscape. Unfortunately we don't have time to fix this yet. Bill Gates has deliberately put lots of conflicting features in IE to beat Netscape, and 90% of people are using IE now. Please switch to IE if you can. Sorry!

Earvinshih: I hope you have your problem fixed already to access our site from your intranet. Let me know!

forachel: I will try to reply to your message regarding two potential errors in the question database. Sorry for the long delay.
@2002-11-09 22:14:26
A question about the Study Group.
Why should you require to leave a phone here?
Why not leave mail or have more option?
@2002-11-09 22:54:18
If you leave in the same city as another member does, a telephone number should be enough for you guys to contact each other. Another reason is we don't want other test prep providers to come to this site, collect email addresses and send you guys junk mails.

We don't want to give other options just because we want to keep things simple, including our web site design and implementation (my design guy is lazy).
@2002-11-09 22:58:14

You sent me an email regarding changing your nick name if you want to post a message. No you cannot do that. Why? I really don't know how to explain. If you want to do so, just register a differnt user and use that user to post in this forum:)
@2002-11-09 23:33:38
Your design guy are GREAT, so as the job you'v completed.

as to the phone vs. email or other option:
Why phone is enough? I am not by my phone all the time, but I sure will check my mail every workday. as to the junk mails, they can just make junk calls, I'd perfer junk mails to junk phonecalls.
@2002-11-09 23:36:58
BTW. Can you add comment area below every LOS? So we can just discuss this LOS right and there.
@2002-11-09 23:43:51
Sorry to post in so many different posts.
The comment I mentioned is like this: when we view every LOS, there is sample question now. How about adding a place to let us write comment, such as the method I use to solve this question, I have some doubt about this LOS, or I need do some more research on this LOS, etc. Some of the comment maybe helpful to all of us, but some maybe just remind myself something, so it is better that you leave an option here: public or private notes.
@2002-11-10 00:22:25
Good idea jooey about the LOS comments suggestion. I believe we can implement the public comment function for each LOS. However, for private comments we cannot do so, at least for the time being. Personalization of content comes at a cost: performance. To get a member's specific data such as his private comments or favorite questions, the program has to query the backend database in some way. So we add personlization of content when it is absolute necessary.
@2002-11-10 02:31:50
That sounds great. :D

And another suggestion about this message board:
first, from the thread list, I cant recognized which topic have new posts, and who is the last speaking. It is difficult to find new posts since I last login.
And while reading the content of a thread, when the content is very long, I have to scroll a lot to see the new post.
Do you have any good idea?

CFA Discussion Topic: discussion of site features -- please participate

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I am using your study notes and I know of at least 5 other friends of mine who used it and passed the exam last Dec. Keep up your great work!