AuthorTopic: Do I have enough study time for this Dec's CFA exam?
@2006-05-10 20:36:40
I'm a recent finance grad with two classes remaining (first year level, done by August), and a full-time job. Will I have enough time to study for this by December? Just want an opinion before I commit the cash for the exam.
@2006-05-11 01:36:08
Let's make a conservative estimate.

Six months to go and you spend on an average 2 hrs/day for 22 days every month.That gives you 2*22*6= 264 Hrs of preparation time.

That is more than enough study time. And, considering that you are a recent fin grad (with fin knowledge fresh in your mind) you should take a lot less than 264 hrs becoz you already know half of the matter. Go for of luck
@2006-05-14 18:57:34
Even I have the same dilemma whether to commit the cash for the exam. I hold a Masters in Economics and a Bachelors in Accountancy.

I am not sure whether I'll be able to prepare properly for level 1, considering the fact that I haven't even started studying and I'll be working 10 hrs a day, five days a week. Any opinion would be appreciated. Thanx
@2006-05-14 18:59:06
Forgot to mention...I am thinking to attempt level 1 in December '06.
@2006-05-15 20:07:24
You can take level I next year, June 2007, plenty of time to prepare... Since two out of three people do not manage to take the exam, it might be wiser to go for the later date if you know already that you might not have enough time to study save on week-ends.

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