AuthorTopic: Do I still need CFA if I have master of finance?
@2020-03-22 14:44:05
Do I need cfa designation if I've already got my 2years master of Finance degree from the university of Melbourne?

As I've mentioned above, I feel like in Australia employers don't really value master degrees much but experiences.

However, as I've already got one of the best master degree in finance in Australia. And 70% of the knowledge and concepts are overlap with cfa whole 3 level materials.

Below are my questions:
1 Does cfa designation really gonna help me for my future development in Australia if I've already got my master of Finance?
2 How do employers value master of finance degree compared with CFA designation in Australia?
3 Some one told me CFA is cheaper version of master finance( which I don't agree at all). Some one said CFA keep your knowledge up to date and showing your commitment and interest in finance while you working at same time. What do u think?
4 what's other benefits for getting CFA Designation?
@2020-03-24 16:59:04
Master of finance is similar to CFA.

Personally, if i was hiring, and i saw someone with a masters in finance from a good school, and someone with a CFA, i would think of them no different in terms of education.

If you're looking to add to your CV, then do something extra curricular which will help you get noticed. Climb a mountain, become a part time DJ, or get some work experience in the field you’re to work in.
@2020-03-28 09:49:32
Exactly. A general/generic master in finance is largely redundant with the CFA.

If you want to complement a Master in Finance with sth it has to be different: accounting, quant, coding, linguistic, soft skills.
@2020-04-01 06:02:57
If Melbourne Uni's Master of Finance program contains 70% of the CFA material, why don't you think the CFA could be equivalent?

I was tossing up between Melbourne Uni and Macquarie Master of Applied Finance but decided on the CFA instead since becoming a charterholder is what I ultimately wanted. Also Melbourne Uni's fees for the course are $70k... geepers.

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