AuthorTopic: Do u think its worth doing?
@2014-07-13 14:02:44
I realise most of u guys on this board are doing the CFA. Are you satisfied with the content and the exams? With hindsight do you recommend doing it? Does it have any application outside of number crunching i.e becoming the next Buffet/Soros?! I think its an awesome qualification to work for, and would be fascinated and grateful to hear the opinions of people further down the road I am about to tread.. Thanks
@2014-07-14 10:43:52
As much as everyone complains about the study time and the lack of continuity of the exam, deep down we all enjoy the program or we would not be doing it. I just finished the L3 exam and regardless of whether I passed or not I learned quite a bit this year. That is what the CFA program is (or should be) about. The fancy "charter" is a plus, but the knowledge I've gained over the last three years is what's important. There is a pretty significant time requirement if you want to do well. I would say that the average candidate starts studying around the first of the year and really starts to put in the hours in the month leading up to the exam. You may or may not need the 250 hours of study that AIMR recommends, but I don't think there are many people who can pass these exams without at least 100-150 hours of study, with more time required as you progress into levels 2 and 3. Most of us will miss these exams if/when we pass all three. As sick as it sounds, I think it is those people that enjoy the experience that will be the most prepared, leading to higher pass rates. So I guess my recommendation is to register for the exams for the experience and knowledge, not for the fancy piece of paper that is conferred to those who can pass all three exams.
@2014-10-20 10:34:12
I would like to thank Jeremy for his advice. I am currently a teacher and have been thinking of changing profession. But the risk is very high.. loss of job security, etc. I would like to enrol for thr experience though i am not sure i am up to it. But if so many people can do it, so can I!!!
@2014-10-28 02:22:39
Most of the people doing the CFA are graduates and that means they should be doing the CFA for the love of it. Most of the time your first degree is the degree that u do so that u can have a so called brighter future. A post graduate degree is for more Knowledge and for the love of it. By this time we all should be clear about what we really want and like. So i would recommend that Monday registers for the programme if and only if he/She loves the financial markets. That way u will enjoy studying and will never complain about too much work and you will be good at what u do.
@2019-05-23 12:17:44
Hi. My name's Nitin Bhatia and I am a Commerce Graduate, with accountancy as my majors, based in Mumbai, India. I've been contemplating doing CFA for a long time as Financial Analysis is, what I beleive, my passion in life. Thanks for all the opinions/suggestions.After reading all the opinios posted here, it really made me feel that my true calling is CFA.

Thanks a lot

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I was very pleased with your notes and question bank. I especially like the mock exams because it helped to pull everything together.
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Martin Rockenfeldt