AuthorTopic: Do you like the old website or the new one?
@2007-08-29 05:45:58
I was just doing some basic questions and all the suddend a thunder hit our house and the power went down. After everything went back to normal....TADA.....a brand new website!
@2007-08-29 06:38:51
We just released our new version of the web site. Hope you enjoy it and like it!

Let us know what you think.

The AnalystNotes Team
@2007-08-29 21:25:21
The new one definitely looks better (to my eyes).
@2007-08-30 09:42:54
@2007-09-02 05:57:25
thanks mike
i also just login in the site after a week or so
it's just amazing
keep it up
i am waiting for the new relaease of the new ebook to start studying
@2007-09-03 18:55:32
I love the new website. It's cleaner and now I don't get a pop-up everytime I Alt-tab between what I'm studying and another window.
@2007-09-06 17:38:22
When I visited your site a couple of months earlier I wasn't going to order the Analyst Notes. But today, I saw your new site and liked it. I think the new site also influenced to some degree in deciding whether to order or not. I decided I should order ...

Well, in a couple of days, I will enjoy your notes as I enjoyed surfing the new site.

Good job.
@2007-09-10 06:33:16
Good job indeed. Like Bahodir, I have been influenced by the new site to order notes. I am placing an order right away!

CFA Discussion Topic: Do you like the old website or the new one?

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