AuthorTopic: Do you really believe CFA is the key?
@2017-05-03 22:18:30
Just can't believe it!!! The price is too high both for registration of a new can and for every level.
@2017-07-04 08:30:45
The prices are steep, but the costs have got to be pretty significant too. They break out their financial in their annual report, which is on the website.
@2017-09-06 19:01:38
If they charged $5000 per level, people would still enroll. They'd make more money and increase the prestige of the designation. You should feel lucky, imagine blowing $50,000 on a school like Bentley.
@2017-10-17 08:18:43
CFA is cheap compared to business school or other graduate programs. However, CFA is not a substitute for b-school; so make sure CFA is something you really want and or need.

CFA Discussion Topic: Do you really believe CFA is the key?

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Colin Sampaleanu