AuthorTopic: Do you still use the charter if no longer working in finance?
@2018-11-08 01:34:55
I did a search and most of the threads that come up are questions from people with non-financial backgrounds inquiring about the difficulty of the program.

My question is, if you've worked in finance, gained your experience, earned your designation and right to state "John Doe, CFA", do you continue to do so after moving to another industry? I ask because I've earned my charter but I work in oil and gas project controls now. Still some hardcore analysis but not exactly finance.

The honest question is, does it look stupid? Let’s assume that there is no issue with membership fees.

John Doe, CFA
Cake baker
@2018-11-10 17:22:48
I don't see a problem with it at all. Smart people can deduce that you got the designation in the past for whatever reason, but now you are doing something else. Having knowledge across different fields is a positive to me. I know you have finance knowledge and cake baking knowledge. Thus when I pass CFA, you will realize the achievement and bake me a cake as a celebration :)
@2018-11-22 00:43:12
There is no requirement that you continue to work in a job that would qualify as acceptable work experience to retain your charter, but you do have to continue to pay your annual CFAI dues to use the letters. If you don't think there is any current benefit to being able to use the letters, I believe CFAI has an option to make your membership inactive and you can reactivate in the future by renewing your dues.

CFA Discussion Topic: Do you still use the charter if no longer working in finance?

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