AuthorTopic: does being a MIS analyst helps me to be a CFA?
@2015-10-29 22:33:38
I'm from Malaysia and is working in a local bank as an MIS analyst. I'm a fresh grad major in finance. I'm interested in analysing, corporate finance, derivatives and investment. I plan to study CFA but my boss told me that for CFA, i need to work in corporate finance dept or investment dept, but not in his dept. Hence, he said study MBA is better than CFA. (The dept i'm in now is Business Intelligence Unit where we analyse bank's products' performance.) I plan to work for 2 years to gain more experience but will my experience help me to be a CFA? Besides that, my colleague recommends me to study actuarial science. What's the difference between CFA and actuarial science? which is better?

CFA Discussion Topic: does being a MIS analyst helps me to be a CFA?

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Craig Baugh