AuthorTopic: Does CFA Institute mail out confirmation letters to candidates who passed?
@2005-08-22 23:12:15
I passed the CFA level I exam (June 2005 exam) with the great help from analystnotes. I got the email/website confirmation that I passed, and my score range for the different topics.

But I'm wondering if the CFA Institute physically mails out confirmation letters to candidates that passed.

And if not, what's the easiest way to prove to potential employers that I passed the CFA Level I exam?

Thanks in advance for any answers.
@2005-08-31 08:42:34
They don't send out confirmation letters anymore to candidates. The only way to prove it is print out the page showing you passed or show them that you registered for L2.
@2005-10-01 00:23:02
I'm just wandering, did they say that they were about to change their way of communicating results? I was scared to see that this year there was no congratulation texte just one single world : pass!!
If they don't send letter to confirm, I must admit that I feel a bit strange about this.

By the way, I just purchased study notes from cfacenter/analystnotes again. I bought textbooks and analystnotes for level 1 but found out the notes and practice questions here were way more helpful in preparing for the exam.
@2005-10-01 13:40:55
Thanks. I saved & printed the page.

With all the fees we pay to CFA Institute, I would have thought that they would at least spend the 37 cents to send out test result letters to candidates.

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I used your notes and passed ... highly recommended!