AuthorTopic: Does my CFA work experience count?
@2019-08-10 01:48:39

I'm looking for some feedback on my work experience. Below is what I've prepared so far.

My question is whether or not you think it will qualify for CFA experience.

"I prepared financial models (P&L, B/S, Cash Flow analysis and NPV) for business case analysis that lead to investment recommendations being presented to the CEO/CFO for approval.

These projects were in the $100M + range and included complex analysis on the financial impacts of investing in new markets and new or existing facilities in worldwide locations.

These investment decisions had a direct impact on the company's EPS."

My experience is corporate and is not directly related to securities but definitely, corporate investments for business expansion & projects. These projects and investments had major impacted the company’s financials and therefore the company EPS.

My concern is that the work experience that qualifies has to be securities related.

Thanks for your feedback.
@2019-08-15 06:41:53
I think you should be fine, your work was a direct input into the investment process.
@2019-08-26 11:18:07
You should be golden. My friend had corporate finance that was even less CFA-related than this and it got through fine.

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Thanks again for your wonderful site ... it definitely made the difference.
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Craig Baugh