AuthorTopic: does my experience count?
@2017-08-02 12:38:03
I'm a sell-side sales trader and I'm considering going for the CFA to increase my knowledge in the financial field. I was just wondering, do you guys think my experience will meet the requirement for the CFA designation after I pass the 3 exams? I am part of the investment process so I should be ok, but I was just looking for other opinions. Thanks.
@2017-08-06 22:11:15
yes, but you dont need the knowledge for your job. If its easy for you go for it. If it will take over your life its probably not worth the effort.
@2017-08-10 15:09:34
as a former trader and level II candidate I can tell you the CFA has absolutely nothing to do with trading. Won't help you at all. But it will take 3 years off your life expectancy.
@2017-10-15 21:10:25
you are right u dont need cfa to trade. but the cfa does one thing for you regardless of what field you are in, - IT GETS YOU RESPECT FROM OTHER PEOPLE- b/c chances are unless they have taken it as well you are overall smarter than the next person.

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