AuthorTopic: don't use schweser!
@2003-07-24 19:01:56
I used Schweser last year. It was very thorough but kind of thrown together. Videos were fairly well presented, but did not always follow the books. Schweser online was ok, but by the end I kind of doubted whether the answers they were giving were correct or not.
I went to the Stalla seminar in April and although their seminar was not great (Given by Bob Stalla himself), their books and software were very very helpful. P.S. The sample Stalla/JKE exams were some of the most helpful materials.
Full Disclosure: (I passed pretty solidly and have not seen Schweser notes)
@2003-07-25 15:07:29
why do u say that? are they not the best of a bad bunch?
@2003-07-29 18:59:09
I used Schweser notes and took Schweser courses, and I failed.

I felt the questions on the exam were much harder than those in the schweser prep materials.
@2003-07-30 11:41:40
same here...... but I wouldn't blame schweser alone. AIMR advised (!) to use TEXT books and use those notes as a sweetner.
The way the AMIR wrote questions, only one schweser note is never be enough. To drill inside the materials may be we have to go through the books .....Good luck all of those who are planning for the next round.
@2003-08-07 14:09:51
I certainly agree with drcfa. Just wondering if there would be any people that will still use Schweser when there is a good study site here for free. I've spent hours comparing notes of the two but cannot really tell any big difference.
@2003-09-09 08:45:09
At the beginning of this year I checked out Schweser 2002 from a friend and I feel that they are too condensed. Moreovers cfacenter's notes are better written.
@2003-09-23 04:43:11
The problem with Schweser is that there are not enough exercises within the notes, what reduces dramatically its quality and effectiveness. Their online package is a complete garbage.
@2003-10-02 04:03:20
Stop talking about is frustrating even reading their name here in the post....
We have enough to worry about...Let them go to hell....There are more than enough good study notes providers....Who cares about Schweser...
Enough is enough with this....
@2003-10-02 11:57:27
I have a friend who attended Schweser's cfa course last yr. He told me that more than half of his classmates fell the exam.
@2004-02-15 11:12:34
Not a great idea to buy Schweser.

I passed LI with textbooks and Schweser notes (along with cfacenter practice exams). The Schweser notes were useful in a limited sense, as they gave me a concise summary of what the AIMR-mandated reading was. But for the amount of money Schweser charges, you're better off combining cfacenter with the books. The Schweser notes are too skimpy for $350.

@2004-04-06 06:40:42
Yeah, I also think the Schwester exercise too easy. I can get full score with that!
@2004-04-23 17:19:26
Schweser gets a bad reputation, but i know a lot of people that like them. Their notes are not as complete (they don't give detailed explanations) and seem to be brief (mainly because i think they assume you know the info, or have had some knowledge of it in the past) I think their videos are great.

I don't think it really matters what you have, its really the amount of time you study and the effort you put into it. If two people using schweser and cfacenter both study for 200 hours, they will have the same chance of passing.

@2004-10-03 08:31:09
I used Schweser for CFA Level I exam and passed it. Schweser can be helpful ONLY if you have solid financial and accounting background because it is only an overview and there are not many detailed explainations.
@2004-10-08 23:14:59
Schweser's typeset always made me feel tired,why can't they just print clearly?!
hell,in our country, there's few kinds of study notes we can choose from!
@2004-10-25 20:22:12
I passed Level I in June. I read schweser notes. I felt they were too condensed. The practice questions online were too easy.
@2004-11-08 23:24:47
I agree with Stoyan. Schweser doesn't explain throughly. So, anyone read it, must have previous background in finance or accounting and economic.
@2004-11-11 16:37:44
i don't think the problem is schweser.if you don't put in a lot of hardwork and dedication no course provider can save you.not even aimr.the exam is all about efficiency and understanding the basic concepts.
@2005-01-19 11:51:01
It all depends on the person, doesn't it. Many people will fail. Some used Schewser, some Stalla, some analystnotes, some go through all the readings. Many failures will blame the notes. I have even heard people blame the required course materials (i.e. they were not well written, the exam didn't reflect the readings etc etc). I passed all three exams in a row. I also attended some courses (expensive) for the sake of getting some human conact - but they were pretty lame. I agree with Wassup - study hard! And if you can't do it, it wasn't meant to be.
@2005-01-21 01:57:33
I used Schweser Notes as only a starter. I relied on the text books and practice exams to clear Level I in Dec 2005. You can't expect to clear CFA by studying help notes Schweser or anything else.
@2005-01-25 05:49:20
I used Schweser notes for my L1 exam. Mine is a sad story! I sat for CFA L1 twice and both times, I failed. While I am not here to criticize Schweser notes for being poor and so forth, I attribute my failure to pass the exam on both occassions to 2 major factors i.e. time spent on preparing the exam and my educational background.

I work in an investment bank and I easily spend a minimum of 12 hours a day in the office!! On worst case scenario, I even clock the same number of hours (or more) on weekends. So I hardly have the time to flip through the notes, let alone grasp the concepts! Secondly, I am no accounting/finance major. I graduated with a degree in marketing management and Information systems. How in the world I ended up in an investment bank crunching numbers and evaluating credit proposals is another story all together.
@2005-01-30 10:00:14
I passed Level I of the CFA exam in December 2004 at my first attempt... using only the much-dreaded Schweser notes and analystnotes mock exams! I found the notes to be helpful, even though there was a lot of room for improvement. I thought the practice exams made by Schweser were not really tough enough, the explainations of some of the answers could certainly be better. And I had to make SO MANY corrections to the notes... it was frustrating as I had to check the Schweser website daily. Schweser was posting updates and corrections to the notes till the very last day! The real exam was TOUGH. I had gone in to the exam room confidently but came out worried. Thank God I did end up passing. Bottom Line: Study hard, try to study EVERYTHING in the notes, don't get too frustrated with the coursework providers or the material, and maybe... just maybe... you'll pass :) Just don't lose your focus!
@2005-02-21 20:09:34
Schweser isn't very well structured and if faced with the choice again for Level 2 notes, I would make another choice.
@2005-03-02 09:59:33
It is not a question of the right study material but time spend infront of the books and a little bit luck as well. If you start early enough and you spend aprox 10 to 15 hours per week this should be sufficient.
the analystnotes are great to get a quick overview. but do the questions in the textbook as well. in the end, know your ethics and you won't fail!
@2005-03-26 02:51:55
Sounds like a lot of whining here. I agree with tinaa. Yeah, nothing is perfect, but don't blame the study notes for you not passing. The test was not made for everyone. All you can do is study and work hard.
@2005-04-03 00:57:33
flash! I blam jen217 and tinaa for all my failures. just kidding.

good luck
@2005-08-01 11:51:15
so i want to know which note is the best and where can i buy the textbook and practice question i really need you guys help.

@2005-09-09 18:01:20
can anyone help me with this? i have the schweser study notes and the study notes from this site, it that good enough for me to pass level I exam on DEC 2005 ? please!
@2005-09-26 23:15:46
it's my second try for level 1....I'll try to use analystnotes for the practice exams...I hope I pass this time
@2005-10-11 20:24:33
Is there anyone here who is willoing to send me a pdf copy of the schwester study notes? I want to see how bad it is. I'm to sit for the June level 1 exam.

I've read somebody on this thread purchased it but just left it parked to gather dust. A mendicant person here would be happy to have that garbage.

my email is
@2005-10-11 20:42:48
Is there anyone here who is willoing to send me a pdf copy of the schwester study notes? I want to see how bad it is. I'm to sit for the June level 1 exam.

I've read somebody on this thread purchased it but just left it parked to gather dust. A mendicant person here would be happy to have that garbage.

my email is
@2005-10-11 20:43:27
Is there anyone here who is willoing to send me a pdf copy of the schwester study notes? I want to see how bad it is. I'm to sit for the June level 1 exam.

I've read somebody on this thread purchased it but just left it parked to gather dust. A mendicant person here would be happy to have that garbage.
@2006-01-19 23:57:08
I don't think it's particularly responsible to blame anyone but yourself if you failed. I failed. I read the Schweser Notes and AnalystNotes which I found of similar quality, took the questions at the end of the lessons and did the majority of the questions in the book. Schweser was very much how to calculate certain things. The real questions I thought were much less about calculations and much more about cause and effect, directional answers, etc. Just my opinion, but I will be steering clear of Schweser for my next try at L1 in June. The consensus seems to be the Analystnotes' mock questions are good.
@2006-01-22 23:42:02
I agree. I also took the Level I in Dec and didn't make it. I used the schweser extensively. I want to take it again in une and want to do it right this time. I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions/recommendations anyone might have.

@2006-01-23 13:37:55
Hello people,

I am also taking Level I in june...It seems using only one source of material is not enough...frankly speaking what do you thing of analystnotes material?

something else: If there is anyone from Brussels Belgium, I am interested to buy CFA material with her/him => I can do copies and use it myself, so cheap buying opportunity for someone or easy way to make money for the one who already bought!

Thanks to let me know
@2006-02-12 15:08:01

I am planning to sit for the December 2006 Level I CFA exam. I need guidance on what would be the best strategy in preparing for the exam in terms of study methodology, preparatory course provider, time required, etc. etc.
@2006-02-20 14:23:18
Hello.What about the Schweser for practising some questions for level II? Anyone has tested it?Is it good?
@2006-05-02 17:51:29
I work with 3 people who used Schweser for all 3 levels and they passed without any problems. The problem may not be Schweser. The problem may be you are a moron!
@2006-05-03 04:08:36
If you have the finance background, do some review with the notes.

If you have no background, go get a basic degree 1st or read the CFA curiculum books.

Time is paramount.

The Schweser notes are just, as what they say: notes.
@2006-05-04 08:45:37
Some truth in all. Schweser seems not that bad if one had an MBA in Investments and already works as an analyst. I passed L1 without doing any exercises, but had not enough time to do L2 properly.
The real problem is the CFA Institute and the ridiculous way they impose the exam. Why should one have so little time for it. Sometimes understanding the questions in L2 took up most of my allocated time, leaving not much time to figure out the answers.
These people teach us ethics, but they cannot be held responsible for anything, only because we, or our employers are stupid enough to take their exams.
@2006-08-07 14:20:25
i passed.Now i am syrup sippin and switchin lanes on 24's.
@2006-08-17 06:38:38
So if I use this from the books for more detail and do those problems...along with past mock exams...will I be okay?
Is this site even worth it? Is it similar to Schweser or are the questions harder?
does anyone know who has tried both of them?
@2006-08-19 00:37:37
I used Schweser notes plus a few unpaid exam samples from CFA institute website - I just passed level 1.

I don't think Schweser is bad at all, but given cost consideration of over $700 I paid for Schweser, AnalystNotes is obviously a better option - I know so many people have passed CFA exams relying on materials from this site alone.
@2006-08-23 06:00:58
I'm taking Level I in December. I'm wondering if preparing with Schweser and the Analyst Notes material is a good thing to do. Any thoughts ??

@2006-08-26 22:22:20
I have only used Schweser notes and didn't read through some books. As a result, I failed. I think the best way to study is to start with the books and then look through the notes as a supplementary material.

@2006-09-19 12:36:02
I passed level with one attempt but failed level II three times. Seems like the passing score has to be around 70%+ to get a pass grade. I used Schweser, passpro, textbook. I also work long hour. I did studied very hard and tried the Passpro mock exam. Not top score out of 6 mocks. Only one got below 50%. After I mastered certain area than I forgot. Just so much thing in the exam...! Any advice.
@2006-09-22 13:45:51
do not worry just keep trying and you will succeed
@2006-10-22 12:45:04

I am planning to register for the Level 1 CFA exam in June 07, and was quite confused over the choice of study materials available (Analystnotes, Schwerser, Stalla and CFA's own books). I have decided to narrow it down to either Analystnotes or the CFA's books.

Would like to get some feedback from those who have used the CFA textbooks, is it helpful or does it make things complicated due to it being lengthy and detailed? June 07 Level 1 has 6 books which looks pretty time consuming to cover through all.
@2006-10-30 03:28:41
well, don i am writing cfa for the first time and a bit scared but quite hopeful though. had to pay through my nose and can only pray i pass. i have a bit of accounting back ground. i really need an on-line community with which i could study with. thanks
@2006-11-16 13:42:01
Hello Ugochukwu, are you looking forward to Dec '06 or June '07?
@2006-11-27 07:41:15
I know many people who pass relying solely on Schweser, I also know that many people who pass relying solely on AnalystNotes. Stop complaining about notes providers and focus on your study.
Good luck !
@2006-12-19 05:46:16
Hi, im planning to sit the level 1 exams in June 07. Can some one please advice me on which study notes to choose between CFA's books and Schweser's? They are both pretty expensive and i dont want to spend all that money on something thats summarised and assumes I already know this or that.
@2006-12-19 13:49:29
Hey guys I want to understand where to start. I registered for Level 1 last week. I am a chartered accountant working as a Corporate Financier in London.

If anyone is out there who can advise which notes to buy: Schweser, BPP Stream in UK (Course Provider) or CFA AIMR Notes. I have already got hold of analyst notes. Thanks for the help.
@2006-12-20 16:49:17
Im also taking level 1 june 2007
the CFA books is a must if u wanna past CFA. Use Analystnotes for the notes and the questions and exams.

By the way Im a graduate in Finance and even then Im not using Shweser.

All the best
@2006-12-21 01:08:51
Thanx a lot, Don. Youve put my mind at ease :)
@2006-12-23 22:20:45
Quick question, I just ordered the Schweser, books to start studying for my level 1 exam and after reading this I am a little worried about if I have enough to go off of. I'm not taking any classes (they are to expensive), so this will be all self study. I have a basic knowledge of finance(was my major). But where else should I be looking for materials that are good.(freewebsite with exams,notes etc. besides this one) I'll take the Schweser items because they were almost free ( I got a scholarship to take the exam and get a major discount on the books, that why I got them) But any help would greatly appreciated

@2007-01-03 07:05:10
I'm sitting for level 1 in June 2007 and still very much confused about which study material to rely on. I've got a solid background in corporate finance and economics. Can I just rely on analystnotes to pass level 1?

Someone please advise.
@2007-01-08 22:46:23
Hello people,
would appreciate a lot if somebody here, who has used schweser for L2 can give me some comments.
gud luck
@2007-01-10 01:00:32
i'vr just downloaded 2006 schweser studynotes for 2007 june level i on the right track?
@2007-01-15 04:21:42

Schweser Notes basically acts as a good summary for those who have a very solid financial bankgrounds. I tried using Schweser during my first attempt and I discovered that w/o understanding the full concept and reading the recommended txt by CFA institute, passing is a great barrier for newbies. Now I read the actual text and understand before reading study notes and that is more effective. Effort is still required and there are no shortcuts to getting this designation.
@2007-01-16 13:10:55
Hi all,

i m at first attemp for the L1....i think i'll apply for dec07. i ve read all in this forum and i ve got my decision: analyst notes + my own material... + working hardly on it...i think it s enough!! the textbooks are too thick and i m working all day long, hopefully in a risk management departement!

....if somenone experienced can let me know his/her own idea on it could be great!!

just hope to don't be part of the morons!! ;)
@2007-01-21 11:39:30
I think Schweser is ok. I worked with AnalystNotes and Schweser. I also had the CFA books to look up certain things but I hardly ever used them. It's just too much to read. I passed L1 in Dez 2006 (the exam was difficult). I had to study a lot to pass eventhough I already have a very good background in finance.
I'm also working in Risk Management;-) and doing ALM.
@2007-02-03 05:58:51

From the all of the above post. The summary is:

Student without solid financial background, Schweser is not enough, thus CFA text book is better.

How about audio books? Have anyone try it?
@2007-09-23 04:58:45
I use Schweser, the CFA Institut books and this page.....The firts one to study and do exercises...the second for a fast ..very fast.. reading to check if there is any important thing miss by schweser (at the moment just a few) and to do exercises as well.....and this page for the practices exams (excellents)..... this is a fast way....mi brother did the same and passed all 3 level at the first try....

@2007-09-29 03:40:09
I think schweser has inproved as against what they might had postd for previous exams. basically, the schweser notes are brief, concise, deals with the basic concepts and straight 2 d point; what u need 2 prepare for the level 1 exams which is a multichoice paper. study notes of schweser and analystnotes are not dt different especially for study session 15. no online study provider can guarantee success not even analystnotes. u are d one to determine ur success or failure! its a matter of choice.
@2007-09-29 16:44:14
Anyone use Stalla? I currently am using Stalla and this site and find that in most cases the stalla questions are easier...
@2008-01-24 13:48:07
hey,i'm writing the june2008 exam.I have schwser notes from 2006.Do you guys think i shouls get the new ones since parts of the curriculum has changed?
@2008-01-26 22:40:34
I think Schweser alone is not enough. You should use it as a test bank, but would suggest as a main source and schweser as a supplementary. Hope makes sense.

Good luck
@2008-03-20 07:18:59
Schweser's questions are too easy and are nothing like the actual 3 in 1 questions you will face on exam day.

It's a pitty that they suck now. They had great notes. But then as they tried to update according to the changes, seems like they no longer have the quality team making it. they have alot of errors in their new notes too. and i wouldn't have much hope for their new question bank to reflect the actual test.

they're tricky that before u buy it, they made u check teh box that says they have no guarantee if the site will function. all they guarantee is that if u dun pass, u get infinite access. so tehy can prolly jsut leave teh site there to rot.
@2008-04-10 11:17:29
well, am about to take my first exam this june and I have both the curriculum and schweser notes. From what am reading I think I will focus more on the curriculum and what I get from here.
Wish me luck folks!!!!!!!!!!
@2008-04-30 13:11:20
Good luck!
@2008-05-22 08:38:51
No study course is perfect one. you should make your own reading strategy i.e CFA text books + any good study notes combined with extensive practise
@2008-07-02 00:27:45
You should consider CFA Level 1 Training Providers to augment your learning and preparation through classroom training courses.
@2008-07-29 20:00:42
I just passed using Schweser and analyst notes questions. I thought Schweser was good.
@2008-09-15 10:11:08
I am a newbee can someone list the name of CFA text book...are there several of these text books or just one. thanks
@2008-09-23 03:35:41
Can someone tell if the notes from this site are enough to be relied upon other than CFA books?

@2009-02-10 17:02:10
Don't you guys get the CFA books, all 6 with your registration? Why would you still be looking for them? Just read them. Practice here on analystnotes or shell out 100s for Schweser or whatever if it makes you feel better. Study. Pass. You've made it through uni, so you know how to do that, whatever method suites you. There's not much else to say.
@2009-04-07 04:52:32
I've been using Schweser, just wanted to know does it prepare u adequately for the cfa I? cos to memorise the entire syllabus is mission impossible,and the schewer guys seem to condense everything not quite well. dont know how everyone else finds it thats why im just asking.

oh and also how much time are u giving urself at the end for revision/past papers etc?

thanks for the help.
@2009-05-31 19:29:52
Schweser's videos are a good way to warm up. They omit a few sections but that's okay in a lecture.

But remember that:

the syllabus you get from the CFAI IS THE BIBLE FOR THE EXAM!!!

Study whatever guides you want, or none at all, but make sure that you know most of the material that's covered in the official syllabus.
@2009-12-11 07:42:26
hello everyone

I m not agreed with u in this point regarding schweser. If u go through the materials provided by CFA institute side by side read schweser than it is not garbage.

Pray for me & take care. No more today
@2010-01-23 18:03:01
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@2018-10-15 10:10:09
Hello all,
I haven't came to conclusion ,what notes should I study in order to get me level 1, can any one please help me??


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